7th Nov 2013, 17:50

To: Jarrod from NZ (and anyone else interested).

The Dodge is alive and well. So is the Lebaron. Thanks for asking. As far as photos, Mopars of the Month have both my cars on their site, 76 Royal Monaco, and the 85 Lebaron.

Best Wishes,

Dave (USA)

27th Jun 2018, 11:02

Original owner and poster of the Royal Monaco. Did a rattle can respray again in 2015. Last winter's bad weather just destroyed my paint job. The car has major flaking, and is looking really bad. Last September, detailed the car, it still looked quite good.

The car sits out in front of my house, and eventually, I will repaint it again.

Still runs perfectly.


27th Jun 2018, 20:23

Must look beautiful and be very kind to the wallet. We all make the most of our rides.

28th Jun 2018, 11:21

Not a big fan of these rattle can, do it yourself paint jobs. I had a friend with old Ford Econoline van sporting such a paint job. It was mainly used as a storage shed. One day his neighbor knocked on his door and commented about having a mortgage.

27th Oct 2018, 12:40

Original poster, here. In August, I decided to gift my 1976 Royal Monaco to a young neighbor. He's 47, a family man, and has wanted the car for the last 15 years. So, now it's his.

He's in the process of restoring the car, and it's been residing in his garage since. Just rode in it yesterday, and it still rides like a dream. New paint and the car will look like new. The guy knows the car isn't worth much, restored or not, but value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

I wish him the very best with the Mighty Dodge.


21st Apr 2020, 10:29

Original poster, here. The Dodge has been professionally painted, and new whitewall tires and wire wheels have been installed. The original vinyl roof, in very good condition, was redyed to the original color.

The car is stunning.

Whether worth the restoration or not, the Dodge looks better than factory new.