27th Apr 2003, 14:29

Of my friends who have or do own a Neon, they are all sorely disappointed! I have done some work on them myself and deem them to be of poor quality. It sounds as though you and the other 'comment writer' have been very fortunate in not having MAJOR difficulties with your Neons.

As far as holding them in higher esteem than Hondas or Acuras; you are certainly entitled to your opinion. Remember this though, while the imports may be more expensive (at first, before having to do much work on the Neon's every system after owning it for a relatively short time), you get what you pay for.

21st May 2004, 14:03

Well I have a 1999 dodge neon r/t and my car was a good little runner, but it blew its head gasket so there is sits at home in my drive way begging for some one to fix it, but I sttill owe so much money on it I can't get it fixed and still pay all my bills so there it sits all sad and sick, but hopefully it will be back out on the roads racing around once again.

17th Dec 2004, 11:14

I have a Dodge Neon R/T that was a rental also, perhaps we're talking about the same car somehow? It was originally purchased in Michigan, driven in Ohio, and eventually brought to Jacksonville, NC where I purchased it. I bought it at 47,513, and it currently sits at 61150, and the only work done on it so far is an under drive pulley needed to be replaced cause it was throwing belts. That happened a month after I got it and no problems since. I've driven the crap out of it too.

10th May 2006, 15:27

I agree, I have a 99 neon R/T and it's great. I got it from the auction for $3200 two year ago. It was running like crap and the check engine light was on, but with the on-board diagnostic it was easy and cheap to fix. With 113k miles, it hasn't broken down on me once and I drive like 300 miles a week. I'm currently clay baring my car and man does it feels smooth. For the price I paid, I consider this car a bargain. And it's Rare too. In two years, I have only comes across 5 other 99 R/T.