12th Dec 2002, 07:18

I too, have another comment to add to this. I had every oil change that was needed on the car (3,000 miles or so) In June I had a complete tune up everything costing close to $407. Than I started noticing an oil leak, so I would add some myself. In September, another oil change by a reputable service center. Four days later, I needed to bring it back for another oil leak. Told me that the engine sensor was bad -- replaced $147. Week later, another oil leak, service center add more oil (no charge). In November, oil leak, causing engine to over-heat resulting in water pump replacement$550. Two weeks later, oil light comes on again, told it was an engine senor replaced sensor camshaft and drain plug $194.00. One week later, another courtesy oil fill. Less than a week later, brought it back again, was told I needed an oil pan gasket $364. Didn't have it fixed yet. Two days later, no oil again, was told that it was a rear main seal leak and would cost $ 393 plus $ 364 for the oil pan gasket, and could be more if they found any additional problems. Just paid for the car. Can't afford to fix it, been out of work for 9 months. If this is a major flaw in Dodge Neon's than we should form a class action suit and sue.

Would I buy a Dodge Neon again --- Not on your life.

7th Jun 2003, 07:17

This car has cost me more in repair costs that any car I have ever owned in my life. The first problem of Misfiring (in cylinder #3) appeared at 15,000 miles. This has continued 35,000 miles later. The dealer flashed the PCM computor to run a richer mix, but the problem continued. Then the dealer changed the spake plugs & wire, problem still continued. After doing some research on the internet. I think I have found the answer to the problem. The original Camshaft sensor is bad. Chrysler Changes the part # & dropped the price because they knew this was an issue with many Neons.

I also had to change the Head gasket at 43,000 miles due to a huge oil leak that suddenly left my engine with almost no oil at all. This cost me $765 at my local repair shop. The Starter died at 43,300 and cost me $332. The Turn signal switch broke at 33,000 (covered under warranty).

The Moon roof broke At 29,000 miles (est. repair cost $1050).

My 1998 Plymouth Neon Expresso DOHC is a complete engineering time bomb. The entire car completely self destructs around 30,000 miles or 3 year. This is just when the Chrysler warranty ends!

13th Jan 2004, 19:11

This is another addendum to my original comment "Buyer Beware"-----my 98 Neon now at 40,400 miles and overheating badly, engine light on constantly. Took in to dealership and am told valve springs need replaced--with estimate of "around $600 or so, parts and labor." Absolutely no reason why this should be, other than the car's "tin can" engine and shoddy design and obviously inferior manufacture. (This is after head gasket blew at 32,000 miles.)