12th Aug 2004, 14:06

I have a 1997 Plymouth Neon that I purchased used from an auction. I was desperate for a car after my Tempo was totaled in an accident.

I only wish that peeling paint was my biggest problem. My main concern is the fact that it starts when it want to. I have had two starters put on it in less than a week because the mechanics though that was the problem. I'm afraid to stop at the store on the way home from work because it may not start again.

Come to think of it, that's already happened. I stopped at a clothing store to get my sister a birthday gift. I was there for about an hour or less. I went back to my car and it would not start. It took about an hour and several attempts to get it to finally start.

The car leaks oil and transmission fluid and the air conditioner uses up freon like its water.

I have paid more in repairs than what the car cost. I pray that I can keep it long enough to save up for a new car.

28th Aug 2004, 17:59

I have a 98 Dodge Neon and man have I had so many problems with it. 6 months after I purchased the car my head gasket blew at only 30,000 miles. I have an old leak in my manifold gasket, the bolt also broke in half. The oxygen, map, and all other sensors are always going bad for some strange reason. The air went out. I have to put motor oil in my car every 3 days because it leaks out. No matter how many times you align the wheels they still mess up. I just spent $1200 in repairs and my problems still aren't exactly fixed. The car just shakes and jerks when I stop at a light. I really do hate the fact that I bought a Neon. Oh and to make matters worse I was washing my car today and when I finished I noticed that the paint on my bumper has started peeling off. And to make matters worse I still have one year left of paying on my car. Neons are known for head gaskets that blow early and paint chipping off. So I wonder why dodge isn't repairing these things for free?

1st Sep 2004, 14:25

I owe a 1996 Dodge Neon Expresso and must admit that I have been very blessed not to have had many of the problems that I have read about in these reviews. However, my sister has a 1995 neon and as I read the reviews, I am reminded of how many problems she has had with her vehicle. Not only has her paint peeled, and water gets trapped in her back lights, she has also had to replace two transmissions. The neon might start off as an affordable car, but with all the repairs, you wind up spending what you probably thought you couldn't afford on a more expensive car. I also believe that Dodge should take some kind of responsibility for its cars defects.

5th Sep 2004, 12:20

I too own a 1996 neon that I purchased used. At the time of purchase the car only had 71,000 miles on it, this should have been a clue to me. By 71,500 I was already in the whole $800 for a head gasket. The paint is peeling, the drivers side window will block the door from closing, my interior light aggravated me so much I just took the bulb out of it, the brakes squeal like mad and my back up lights keep going out. My latest problem however, still less than 74,000 miles, is my car keeps bubbling when I shut it off and the mechanic that fixed the head gasket says its normal... can someone help me out because now I have to take it back to the shop because all my antifreeze has leaked out through the overflow tank.

19th Feb 2005, 21:16

Well guess what "people" ya'all aren't the only ones that has been a victim of the Neon. I to have a 1996 the head gasket is out, mine happens to be red, well, spotted red! the paint is literally peeling off. My speedometer reads 0 when I know I'm going at least the speed limit of 70 mph. Let me tell ya, I honestly feel some what relieved that other people also have a nasty smell coming from "who knows where"?! I thought it was me! imagine my relief! :)

Stopping is an ordeal also the noisy brakes, (put it this way) I'm noticed! I'am a single mother of 3 children and I can't afford this, when I bought it I figured that it would be a nice economical dependable car, something to get the kids to school, and to and from work well needless to say I was wrong!!!i don't know what to do : (

10th Mar 2005, 05:31

I purchased a new 1996 dodge espresso neon, I've had problem every since the first year of the purchase. when I had the car service for oil leaks I was told the oil pan had a hole in it. now in 2005 I to have to put oil in at lease twice a weak and experience overheating problems. but I thank God it has taken me this far.

27th Jun 2005, 17:37

Well at least my speedometer works. I have a 1996 Neon with a leaky trunk and back lights, and an interior light with a mind of its own. My car in now less than 50% white, the remainder a mix of bare metal and rust. Didn't blow a head gasket yet, but my full tank of gas wound up in the storm drain due to the usual neon fuel leak by the fuel filter.

12th Aug 2005, 20:42

The 1996 Dodge Neon 4 door sedan was my first car. I have had many problems that others have, but mine was a rebuilt total loss. I had no speedometer and didn't track mileage for almost 6 months. It was on and off, which I later found out WAS a factory defect and was a problem for the previous owner as well. I finally fused the wires together. My front speakers are blown, and I've had 2 starters put in. It starts with a full tank, but starts going crazy at about a half a tank of gas. I get good mileage though, which is important. It drives well once it starts and has high mileage, so considering all the components it's been a pretty good car for 500 bucks.

25th Jun 2006, 10:44

Hello Everyone, I to own a 1996 Neon. It's too bad you all have had such problems. I love my Neon! It has 55,000 original miles and have never had any problems until the summer before last. The air conditioning no longer gets cold and this is a real problem in this 100+ degree California weather. Re-charging the system corrects the problem for the summer, but needs charging by the next summer. Are the Neon's known for leaky air conditioning systems? I'd like to find out because it's such a great little car.

25th Jul 2006, 11:43

I just bought a 98 Dodge Neon because I was desperate for a car and I only had $1000 for a down payment. I just got an oil change and found out that its leaking, but I don't' know where from I don't know much about cars at all. My brakes squeal like crazy when I'm backing up I only have 6 months left to pay this car off. How much does it usually cost to fix an oil leak? I don't' have much money to spend my rent is $900 a month and I go to school at a private college which is very expensive. is it possible for me to wait a month or so to fix the oil leak? It drives fine. I had an oil leak in my 97 Mercury Tracer and it drove like crap, it was always stall and would pull to the right very much.