27th Sep 2006, 22:58

Hello my name is Christian. I have one job and I'm expecting to get another job with my Neon 98 two door sedan. I got it last week used with 74,000 miles.

After the guy sold the Neon, I was at work and my cousin bought it for me (I paid). After the car was at my house, he didn't realize that the radiator was making water bubbles, so he told the person who sold the car about it. He bought a new radiator and my cousin will pick it up this sunday, but I thought it was just that.

I only drove it one time! And I'm getting my license soon, but now that I've been reading all these comments, I'm scared now because I made a bad decision buying this car. Right now the car will be fine after the guy replaces the radiator, but later on it seems that is gonna make lots of problems, and I don't have enough money to fix all these things you know, so I think I'm gonna sell it, but I'm not sure yet, I need your help.

I like neons, but I wasn't expecting too many problems with the car. I'm starting college on January, and I need a car that will last forever, I hope I'm wrong because I don't want to sell this car, is my first one and I'm really excited to drive it around.


Thanks a lot, have a nice day :)

24th Dec 2006, 10:14

Sorry, you wasted your money. You should do some research before buying any car.

My advice is trade it in on something reliable. Check this site then Consumer Reports.f.

12th Jan 2007, 23:14

I have a 1996 Neon SE, and I haven't had too many problems with it. The backseat, like many, used to hold large amounts of water on the floor, but was easily fixed by adding some black silicone to the seals over the doors. The horn does NOT work, and neither does the speedometer. The factory installed CD player doesn't work, but the radio works just fine. The only other thing is it burns oil rather quickly, but great gas mileage and a fun little car to drive.

15th Jan 2007, 10:08

I have a 95 neon been a great car fixed minor things like brakes and muffler, no paint problem car has 214,000 miles on it still a strong runner.. I also have a 2000 neon that's been great.

Joe Email me at gcaamonkey@yahoo.com.

2nd Feb 2007, 18:03

I have a 1996 neon and I have had a lot of problems with it. I have had it for 4 years now. Right now I have no power steering. I never know how fast I am going. My brakes make a lot of noise and I just replaced them. All though my paint is not chipping yet. I just replaces my belts for my power steering, but still no power steering. I really regret buying a neon.

2nd Feb 2007, 22:01

I had a 97 dodge neon (it was my mothers old car) It was a pretty good car. She got it at an auction for $700 dollars (city traffic car). It ran pretty good up to 155,000 miles. she had to replace the transmission one, but she delivered papers so that put a strain on the transmission. I wrecked it so it's no more, but it was on its way out anyway. It had been sitting for about three years before. Anyway if you can't read your speed check the connection for the speed sensor. It happened to me one time and the speed sensor was disconnected. it's located on the drivers side underneath the car in the engine area. although I don't think to highly of the neon I saw one with 214,000 miles on it and I was surprised. were I live you still see a lot on the 90's models around.

13th Apr 2008, 20:21

I own a 2002 Dodge Neon SE. I have had to replace the intake manifold hose twice on it since I purchased it in 2003. Apparently the design of the valve covers makes it so whenever you make a hard right turn it shoots oil up through the line that goes into the air intake. You will notice oil in your air filter and in your intake manifold hose. Dodge knows about this problem, but never issued a recall, I hear that they have, however, come out with a new valve cover design that prevents this from happening. If anyone has heard of this problem and knows the part number of the new covers please post it on this site. My breaks have also been replaced once and need to be replaced again. Whether they are new or not, they will always sound horribly embarrassing. It is good on gas though, and my paint is not peeling, knock on wood. PS: When the oil build up in your air intake hose finally causes it to tear, your car's RPM's will go up and up and up until you shut the car off. BE CAREFUL!!! Your throttle body sensor is in your air intake the drop in pressure causes a false read in the throttle sensor causing your RPM's to continuously increase... If you let this happen and don't shut off the car, it will blow. Pretty dangerous for Chrysler not issue a recall for it don't you think? SLIGHTLY DISGRUNTLED NEON OWNER.

7th May 2008, 17:56

1996 Neon, bought new and still drive. Head gasket replaced, but Chrysler paid all the labor, I had to pay for parts.

Car won't start problem was fixed by cleaning the batter terminals. Would get strange electrical problems, including not starting, but every time a good clean up fixed it.

Gages don't work most of the time. It's been like this for a long time. Shop said it would cost a lot to fix, so I never fixed it. Have not got a speeding ticket since the gauges failed either, :)

When the temperature is right, car will stall when coming to stop and clutch is pushed in. The idle will drop below 500 and stall. But this is very intermittent, and never happens in cold weather.

The cars been through a lot in 12 years, being rear ended twice, driven hard a lot, etc. I would say that after 12 years, I definitely got my monies worth.

Other than that, only two bulbs have died, and the driver side window has just started to come loose, I suspect it will just drop off soon, so that may have to be fixed. The body moulding on the doors have fallen off.

Going to buy a new car soon, I can only hope the next one last 12 years.

31st May 2008, 05:14

I have a 95 Neon that I bought last year. The check engine light has been on since then - goes off and on.

The guy who sold it, disabled the safety of having the clutch in to start it, and said it was because of this.

Now, I've replaced the back brakes last fall and other than an oil change, nothing else.

There is one spot of paint starting to go, my right signal does not shut off on its own, it has popped into neutral from 5th three times (fixed by propping the shifter) and now there is a scraping sound when I drive in lower gears. Mostly accelerating to 3rd and driving slow in 1 or 2nd. What is that sound? Is it my fuel/water pump? Oh, and I have the bubbling sound too.

My 81 chevette was a beater, but for 14 years older, was way more reliable!