12th Aug 2022, 18:01

The best would be the Dodge Neon SRT-4 and I would avoid the other ones.

13th Aug 2022, 15:06

Yes there was. I believe the Dodge/Plymouth was marketed for the States and Canada while the Chrysler was for overseas.

13th Aug 2022, 18:04

Yes, there was. Perfect example of badge engineering for a company who has had many close calls of failure. Also to cut costs and make it look like each division has a bigger lineup.

Surprisingly the Chrysler division itself is still around with only 2 vehicles in its lineup. You have the Pacifica based on a minivan who's time has come and gone, and the 300 with looks and technology that has barely changed since its debut in 2005. Though I do respect the 300 seeing how it's one of the only traditional fullsize sedans left on the market.

14th Aug 2022, 16:21

Also a Chrysler Neon as I recall. FCA got a lot of use out of that name & car frame back in the day by giving it minor tweaks. Ironic thing was it wasn’t a well designed car. It’s notorious for falling apart regardless of which badge was on it.

14th Aug 2022, 20:46

The 300 is also discontinued. It was a slightly more luxury rebadged Dodge Charger anyway.

15th Aug 2022, 19:47

As of right now the 300 is widely available on the dealership lots for the 2022 model year. Current sources are saying that production will end in 2023.

16th Aug 2022, 21:42

The 300 is based on the Dodge Charger and the Charger will be discontinued soon.

Check the CNBC article with the title: "Dodge will discontinue its Challenger and Charger muscle cars next year".

The 300 will disappear with the release of the Chrysler Airflow for sure.

17th Aug 2022, 15:19

Chrysler seems to have a history of keeping cars in production, little changed, for decades. By the time they stopped making the older XJ Cherokees they were almost classics. The 300, Charger and Challenger are ancient. They must be wearing out the dies for those things. The only new cars they come out with seem to be re-badged Fiats and Alfa Romeos... which probably makes Chrysler reliability look amazing in comparison.

17th Aug 2022, 20:13

Not sure it’s fair to include the Challenger in that list. The Challenger is meant to look ancient & like a vehicle from 60 years ago. The look is timeless. It’s still the best looking of the current 3 retro American muscle cars in my opinion.

18th Aug 2022, 17:41

I agree. The Mustang looked good in 2005 with the retro look, but it has evolved in something rather unattractive IMO. I never did like the new Camaro. The Challenger is the real deal.

19th Aug 2022, 14:29

First you say it's meant to "look ancient" and then it's "timeless"?

In any case, neither the first generation Challenger which appeared in 1970 nor the current version (ignoring that Mitsubishi-built abomination they slapped a Challenger nameplate on :) look anything like what was around sixty years ago (1962).

19th Aug 2022, 18:48

The original muscle car era started in the 60’s. That is the point.

20th Aug 2022, 20:11

At least with the Camaro, GM had what it takes to give it the retro look when they brought it back, unlike the GTO revival in 2004 where they took a Holden Monaro and slapped some Pontiac arrowheads on it and called it a GTO, and hoped that nobody would notice.