10th Feb 2001, 20:54

I bought my Neon in December of 1999 and by June 2000, I had to replace the thermostat, have the brakes checked because they were squealing (the mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the pads), and now I need a new radiator because it is eroding. To top it all off I can't find a radiator anywhere! I have tried to find one in local part shops and even on the Internet, but they all say the same thing, that there is a national back order. Even when I do get a quote on one, the price ranges from $150 to $400.

10th Feb 2001, 21:06

I bought my Neon in December 1999 and by June 2000 the paint was peeling on the roof. My radiator needs to be replaced, and my muffler had to be replaced when I bought it.

10th May 2001, 16:54

I bought a 95' Dodge Neon, and so far I've replaced the brakes twice put a new radiator in it and put two head gaskets in it. Now it needs a new transmission. Does anybody want to buy a car?

2nd Jun 2001, 20:13

I have a 1995 Neon. I have replaced the brakes, water pump, head gasket, tons of belts, and still have loud squealing noises and my "Check Engine" light is always on. I'm told this is all quite normal with a Neon.

10th Jun 2001, 09:31

I have a 95 Neon and also have problems with my brakes and radiator. You think the company would do something about it. I'm waiting for my head gasket to go now. I thought the Neon was a great car, but now I don't know, I wish I could sell it.

12th Jul 2001, 14:56

'95 Highline Sedan.

Ignition coil replaced.

Steering coupler replaced. Still makes noise.

On third head gasket and it leaks too.

Seals replaced twice, also leaking still.

Brakes have always squeaked. Was told not to worry. Common "design flaw" but still safe.

Total brake failure currently. Never received recall notices for brakes.

Power steering needs replacement.

Total loss of vehicle control twice on the freeway due to belt slippage. I just left the belt off the last time, I was told it looked "fine to me".

I cannot recommend this car to anyone.

I have written my dealer asking for free replacement of the failed components. I await a reply.

5th Jul 2002, 11:18

I have a 1995 Dodge Neon which needs a new head gasket. Does anyone know who I can contact to have my head gasket replaced or at least partially paid for? Has anything been done to help people who bought these cars which only last a couple years? Please e-mail me at pudleduk@adelphia.net if you can help me.

Thanks! Becky.

3rd Jan 2003, 10:56

Dodge neon's are not worth the money. my cylinder head's have been replaced two times.

16th Jan 2003, 12:54

I have a 96 Dodge Neon.

My breaks always squeal, changed them twice.

When it rains I get a loud knocking sound from underneath my car.

Leaking Oil like crazy, still have that to repair.

The paint is peeling off in huge chunks also.

I would not by another Dodge Neon.

8th Jun 2003, 17:16

Purchased my 95 Dodge Neon July6 97. I have replaced the following: Transmission, head gasket, gas tank, fuel lines, brakes (several times), rotors, drivers seat window rolling mechanism, tie rod ends (several times), ball joints, battery, radiator sensor, O2 sensors, exhaust, steering column coupler (recall), brake cylinders, etc. Now this past week there was smoke coming from my steering column. Turns out the box for all my electrical wiring is melted because a piece of plastic coating on several wires was cracked and started to burn. Now it will cost me $50 for the box and another $300 for the wiring harness. Since April 03/03 I will have spent $1400.00 on my Neon. Instead of calling her Old Betty I have a new name name for her and it is not nice.

16th Jul 2003, 10:31

I bought a 1996 dodge neon in 1997 and had nothing, but problems with it. I had to replace the brakes numerous times due to squeaking and grinding, the paint came off in chunks everywhere, the check engine light was constantly on, there was a terrible rattling sound underneath the car every time I drove in the rain, and the car would just randomly quit running numerous times which left me stranded on freeways more than I'd like to remember! All of this and no recalls for anything! Every neon I see on the road has paint peeling too.

I would not recommend that anyone buy a neon! You will only get a headache every time you make your car payment because I can guarantee you'll be making payments to your mechanic at the same time! I will never buy another dodge ever!

Neon owner in Portland, OR.

21st Apr 2004, 21:53

Currently own a 95 Neon, and finding now many problems!!!I am having all kinds of electrical problems which includes... radio wants to work when it feels appropriate, speedometer works occasionally, headlights, engine light. If anyone can help assess this/these problems, let me know!!!tamiandjim@tcc.on.ca Thanx.

15th Jun 2004, 08:52

My 95' Neon is a five speed. So far no problems. Only $900 dollars. It is just fine checked it out my self. If your Neon is acting up find a good body shop. With someone you know. Cause if you don't know the people they will try to scam you.

4th Aug 2004, 11:55

I have a 1996 Dodge Neon with just over 96,000 miles on it. While it was still under warranty, the short block had to be replaced due to a blown head gasket. I have a stack of paperwork two inches thick of minor repairs that have been done over the years. Over the past three months I had to have the transmission rebuilt and a new radiator installed. Now I'm finding a significant amount of water pooling on the floorboards of the back seat, so apparently rain is somehow getting into the car, however I can't seem to identify the entry point, as I have put a tarp over it covering the top of the car to below the door handles and there is still water on the floor. This car has got to go and I will not buy another Dodge vehicle ever!

28th Oct 2004, 10:46

I have a 2000 Neon, and for the most part, I am satisfied with it. The hose that goes to the air conditioner coming off did shut me down one night and cause me some repair money and inconvenience, but otherwise, I've enjoyed it. The only really annoying thing is the squealing in the back brakes. I just had them checked again at a different garage and he verified they are fine. It's the design. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting the squeal out of these brakes? The mechanic wouldn't even suggest replacing the brakes ($60) because he said the squeal will just come back in about a year. Help!

18th Apr 2005, 06:15

I have a 1995 dodge neon and when I start it it runs good, but when I put it in gear it dies can anyone tell me what causes it plz.

14th Jun 2005, 09:41

I bought a very early built (3/94) 1995 Dodge Neon/5spd for $800.So..after a month... it has been terrific. The car had 193,000 miles and was WELL taken care of. The previous owner had all the repair receipts since she bought it. For having put almost 100,000 miles on it herself... she had very little done to it. On a recent trip I got 51mpg!! I'm tickled! I was a mechanic myself for several years.. the "grinding brakes" could probably be repaired by turning the rotors/brake drums. Accumulation of brake dust in the rear drums will make a grinding noise. Just pulling the drums and eliminating the dust may fix that problem. Keep in mind... brake pads/shoes no longer have asbestos in them. My head gasket has been replaced.. I can see telltale signs of it. I am going to see just how far this car will go with proper maintenance!! We will see what happens.

18th Jun 2015, 22:58

I recently bought a Dodge Neon, and out of nowhere my brakes started acting up. My brakes hit the floor with ease and barely work. I literally have to push them to the floor as hard as I can for them to barely still work. Any insight on what it might be?

24th Apr 2022, 00:51

Definitely needs a brake fluid flush, or it's a bad master cylinder. Just remember it's a 22-27 year old car, and brake fluid is corrosive.

24th Apr 2022, 18:13

The Neon is infamous for being poorly & cheaply designed. That seems more likely than a brake fluid “corrosion” issue. Otherwise, this would happen in every car that uses brake fluid.