3rd Aug 2003, 22:56

I bought a 2000 Dodge Neon ES, fully loaded. Have had car for about 6 months and it smells like rotten eggs, and has bad acceleration until it gets up to speed. The steering wheel shakes at idle? Has anyone else experienced any of the same problems?

Bruce, Grand Rapids, MI.

8th Mar 2004, 08:24

I got my 1997 Neon in 2002 and I Loved my car. Mine was a 4 door, with the SOHC 4cyl. I got great gas mileage, never had to fight 4 a parking space, and it was pleasant to drive, and cheap to "fix up". I will gladly own another one.

There is horse power to be found in the SOHC 4cyl, I found it, and it didn't cost a lot, research, and time well spent with your neon, and a little bit of money can lead to surpriseing horsepower gains.

These cars are not perfect, but what little car you can pick up that cheap is?

My biggest problem was when I turned the AC on the car would want to die, and sometimes did.

14th Apr 2004, 10:34


I have a 2000 dodge neon and I had it for about 2 years.

The any problems I had is to replace the spark plugs because they went bad. The car would shake and backfire, but soon as I got the new ones in it runs great. The motor mount got a little loosen because of the spark plugs going bad, but takes 80 dollars to replace. Things rattle inside, but that is because I have 2.5" cat-back exhaust. It would leak, but all I did was tighten a bolt.

I race the car and it has no major problems. It is a great car and I recommand it to any one.

2nd Mar 2007, 17:45

I have a 2001 dodge neon Se it was running great, but now I think the trans is going back and it back fires when I take off from a dead stop if any one knows anything about these problems e-mail me @ cracka505@hotmail.com I need any thing you know about this car I don't know anything about new car.

20th Aug 2008, 16:57

I have a 2001 Dodge Neon SE and I don't have too many problems with it. I bought it 7 months ago and the oil burns out, but because of the lifters ticking I can't tell when it is low so I have to check my oil often.

I have a manual transmission so I don't have a problem with backfiring or anything, and since I have had the car I have put 6000 miles on it. No break downs or anything. I LOVE MY CAR!