3rd Apr 2009, 02:26

Point 1: Sometimes, driving habits don't make much of a difference.

Point 2: Chrysler parts quality, especially plastics and (I'm willing to bet, brakes), is bad.

Point 3: Chrysler service, particularly from dealers with less competition, is bad.

Point 4: Chrysler cars, in general, are not well executed. Brilliantly designed, but badly done.

Please, spare me the "drive/service it right" argument that seems to crop up. This is a venting site. Venters, be clear what problems you have. Commenters, try to limit it to constructive things like: "I had one of these, and it was fantastic. It would have bad spells with the power windows, but it would always go away, so I just ignored the problem."

Rant over, I think that these cars can do well if they were built well. Some Neons rack up incredible mileage. Some Neons leave their owners longing for public transit. Unfortunately, because the ratio (for earlier years) is higher on the "left cryin'" side of the equation, I would get this car checked very carefully before buying. I would also avoid the 3-speed automatic if you're looking for great mileage, and these cars kept coming with a 3-speed for a very long time.

Use both LemonAid and this site. One will only tell you the negatives. One will only tell you the positives, but in the end you get the whole picture of a car (not just Neons). Go now, and comment wisely.

20th Jun 2009, 01:29

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon with about 198k on the clock, and she runs better now than when she drove off the lot. It has never left me stranded, and aside from maintenance nothing has gone wrong.

Last summer I did a big overhaul, mostly preventive maintenance. I also added a cold air intake, header, high flow muffler, and a shift kit for the 3-speed auto. I must say now the Neon moves pretty quick. I would buy it all over again in a heart beat.

I am aiming to go to 300+k. I am also considering upgrading the cam, valve springs, rocker arms. Also a high volume oil pump, main and rod bearings. I also took the valve cover off and the engine was so clean and new looking inside. I have changed the oil every 3k since it was new, and it proves that with care a Neon can go the distance.

28th Oct 2009, 09:09

My daughter's drive a 2000 Dodge Neon with 125K, and besides occasional problems, it's a great car! Just like the human body, preventive maintenance is very important, take care of your car and it'll take care of you. I am the original owner and I have treated it like part of the family from day one. The brakes have never squeaked like they did on my Toyota Corolla and my Husband's Honda CRV... it's the brake dust, but oh so annoying! Thank you for the Brake Quiet idea... never heard of it, but will purchase it.

17th Nov 2009, 02:36

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon. I bought it used in 2002 with 42,000 miles on it. I now have well over 126,000 miles on it.

I haven't had any major problems with this car at all, very reliable. Replacing parts when they start to wear out will keep it going for a long time. Letting things go until they brake will make small problems become very big, expensive problems.

25th Nov 2009, 17:11

Very true. As a mechanic and car nut, I totally agree. Proper maintenance will keep any car (even poorly built imports) going for a very long time. My last Dodge was sold at 240,000+ miles. It had had two timing belts, two brake jobs and one heater hose replaced. It still used not one drop of oil and the A/C had never had any freon added. The CV joints were starting to make a little noise when I sold it, but the new owner still has not replaced them at 300,000 miles. Chrysler has built some really good stuff.

26th Nov 2009, 18:41

"Proper maintenance will keep any car (even poorly built imports) going for a very long time."

Proper maintenance has been done on all my vehicles, and so far the only vehicle I've ever gotten to 200,000 miles was an import! I haven't owned a domestic that has the original engine and transmission past 100,000 miles, so you must have some VERY good luck.

27th Nov 2009, 13:19

I only had good luck after ditching poorly built Japanese cars. Our Honda bit the dust at 99,000 miles and our (Japanese built) Mazda only made 84,000. No domestic we've owned has ever had a repair before 120,000 miles.

27th Nov 2009, 19:43

I've seen you posting on here before. Last I heard you never had a domestic need a repair before 100,000 miles, not 120,000. Why are you changing your story? Seems suspicious to me.

22nd Dec 2010, 18:16

I have owned two Dodge Neons, and have never had a major problem with either of them. The first one I only had for about a year because I rolled it over, but the second one (a 2000) I have had for four years, and put very little into it apart from maintenance. At 150,000 miles it needed a new fuel neck and O2 sensor. Other than that, just oil changes and brakes. I would recommend a Neon to anyone looking for a cheap reliable car. You will pay thousands more for an import with comparable mileage, and it's not worth it when a Neon is so reliable.

8th Jun 2011, 17:59

I had a 99 Plymouth Neon for 5 years, loved it. It surprisingly had good acceleration, never had any big mechanical problems, a few little things here and there but not much. The brakes never squeaked for me except for once, when I needed new brake pads, it is common for Neon brakes to squeak, but it's not a big problem, it's mainly dust build up.

But I am not gonna lie. I beat on this car pretty bad, always racing people, constantly doing burn outs, but she just seemed to keep running. I loved that car, but then got into a car accident and it got totaled. Now I think I'm going to buy another Neon, just this time a 2000, already got a few I'm looking at.

Take care of your car, give it the proper maintenance it needs, and it'll go far. I would recommend a Neon to all people, especially for first cars, they're cheap, reliable and get great gas mileage.