10th Mar 2007, 16:35

I have a 1996 Dodge Neon. Blown head gasket and big rust spots where the paint cracked off that make it look like a Dalmatian. It is just not a quality car. My Honda Civic and Accord that I have are 5 years older and still have all the paint and no blown head gasket.

20th Apr 2008, 00:15

I just bought a neon for 600.00. It has 235000 km on it.

Hopefully all the problems have been solved, but for that price I don't expect miracles. However making it to that many miles has got to say something!

22nd May 2008, 21:03

My 1996 Neon bought new is the cleanest in existence.

I had the blown head gasket at 50,000 miles and Chrysler paid half.

Paint is like new. I simply never fail to polish at not more than 365 days with Nu Finish.

Unscheduled maintenance has been AC part that told compressor when to cycle.

I once read in the Detroit News (I believe it was) that the typical Neon buyer sees the car as throw away because it's cheap.

Most Neon buyers never raise the hood till it quits.

Mine receives meticulous care.

31st Dec 2008, 17:27

I have 1995 Dodge Neon and I love the car. The engine has been swapped from 3 other Neons in roll over accidents, and currently has 360,000 miles and still is running strong; doesn't burn any oil.

The mechanic that owned both the car and engine before me updated the head gaskets when he learned that they had problems.

I have a problem with the paint peeling, but I researched it, and the statistics showed that 86% of Dodge and Chevy light colored cars between 95 and 97 had a bad primer, hence, the peeling paint. So don't blame Dodge.

Overall, the Neon is an excellent cheap A to B car. It's just that you can't simply just get in and drive everyday. You need to stop and have things looked over once in awhile. Or you could wind up with a blown head gasket and toast your engine. The bad head gaskets are Dodge's fault. The toasted engine is yours.

3rd Feb 2009, 00:08

I have a Neon. I pimped it out; intake exhaust and have had few problems, some of my own, some freak accidents.

All in all, I like it only cause of the work I put into it. I am getting a diesel next.

5th Apr 2009, 19:27

My neon has been problem after problem... first the AC quit, then the car kept shutting itself down due to wiring problems, the clutch went as soon as I got it, and now the fan won't work so its overheating and the headlights won't turn off. I would not recommend this car to anyone.