1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 single cam from North America


Good for a thrifty back yard mechanic


Timing belt blew because the tensioner went bad (my fault?).

Ball joints.

Wheel bearings.

Sway bar bushings.

Front pads.

Rear struts (but they were old).

Paint falling off, rust.

Burned a little oil.

Fuel pump (my fault).

Clutch cable.

General Comments:

Handles sporty, firm and little body roll.

Good shifting compared to American cars, almost good as the Civic and Corolla.

Good acceleration compared to others between 120-130hp.

Good top speed, too.

I got very good fuel mileage. Unbelievable.

Too low to the ground, but good in snow anyway. But I drove it aggressively.

Tough underneath - dragged over rocks, muddy ruts, ice and snow, branches, etc.

Not so comfortable.

Decent visibility, better than most small cars.

Parts wear out lots, but are cheap, except a few which are too much money.

Not reliable as Cavalier/Sunfire/Escort/Saturn. I found it more reliable than a Focus. Can't compare to Japanese.

Many little "gripes"; windows fog up too fast, dash layout isn't well thought-out, poor speakers, not as much room inside as others in class, hear too much road noise and wind, and squeaks and rattles.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2012

1997 Dodge Neon from North America


I have enjoyed my Neon for 14, yes 14 years!


Odometer and speedometer had to be repaired, and had the air conditioning repaired in 2008.

The driver's seat has an area that is worn.

No rust that I know of.

I love my Neon, and even though I just bought another used car, I don't want to sell it. Oh well, I guess I will have to find a good home for it. Well, maybe not. What I would like to do really is have it detailed and keep it for a back-up car, but don't really have the room for it, and I hate not having it in the garage anymore. Yep, you're right, guess I'll sell it. But, I swear I will miss her!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2011

1997 Dodge Neon Sport 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Worth its weight in aluminum, maybe


Head gasket blew at 80,000 miles, never happened since.

Alternator survived for about 120,000 miles, cheap to replace.

Leaks coolant.

Loose steering wheel.

Shocks gave out around 100,000 miles.

Recently started making odd noises in reverse and upon start up.

General Comments:

Very fun to drive.

Very costly to maintain after around 100K miles.

Decent looking car.

Good gas mileage.

Horrible resale value (500-1000 dollars max).

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Review Date: 4th December, 2010

1997 Dodge Neon Base 2.0L from North America


Environmental nightmare, but cheap!


The alternator was bad when I got the car.

The O-rings went bad at 84,200.

The head gasket blew.

The engine leaked oil from everywhere.

The engine burned oil at 1/L per 70 miles.

The brake cylinder has blow by. You have to pump the brakes to stop.

The trunk seal leaked water.

The transmission leaked trans fluid.

It throw a piston at 89,000.

The passenger air bag shorted out and caught fire.

General Comments:

This car is an environmental nightmare.

This car is fast when it wants to be; I had it at 95 once before it flooded itself.

The interior is in grate shape, and holds up well to normal wear and tear.

It smokes like an oil fire; I've gotten several tickets for impeding traffic.

After a short time owning this car, the road in front of my house developed an oil track down the center, from the bad seal on the oil pan.

Besides the burning oil and fouling of plugs, it's great on gas; 32 mpg.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2010

1997 Dodge Neon Base Model 2.0 from North America


Overall not a bad car


I personally have not had any problems, but the previous owner did.

Peeling paint.

Engine replacement.

Transmission problems.

Headlights hazed over.

Door has rust bubbles.

Car has been stolen twice (once from the previous owner and once from me).

General Comments:

The car in general is a very good car. It is spacious, it has never not started. It is a fast vehicle. My gas cost me about 35 dollars a week, which is great.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2010