1997 Dodge Neon Highline 2.0 from North America


A mediocre car, but perfect if you're dating a mechanic


Head gasket (twice) - covered by extended warranty.

Oxygen sensor (at 140 000 kms)

EGR valve - covered by extended warranty.

Starter (at 120 000 kms)

Wind noise from the window frames (or lack thereof!)

Air conditioner (twice). $400 repair; have simply left broken.

General Comments:

Overall, I have been surprised that the car has held up so long. The build quality is just plain bad.

It does have OK performance and the engine is reliable, but the automatic robs a lot of power. We have never changed the AT fluid, we're crossing our fingers that it will hold up!

The resale value is just plain awful. We are waiting for the next breakdown to get rid of it and replace with a Civic.

Let's just say it has met our expectations : mediocre.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2004

10th Mar 2005, 10:10

Purchased my 1997 Neon in 1998 with 51,000 kms.

At 70,000 kms the head gasket went.

At 120,000 kms the water pump went.

At 130,000 kms the radiator went.

At 140,000 kms the water pump went, again.

Each and every summer from 1998 and onward I have had to replace the O ring to repair the air conditioner. Last year I was told it was the condenser which would cost $500 to fix.

Breaks have always squeeked. Suspension sucks. Even after replacing struts and shocks the car doesn't handle bumps and more smoothly.

And the problems just keep on coming. I will never again purchase a dodge product and I would reccommend the same to everyone else.

8th Sep 2005, 08:40

I bought my 97 Dodge Neon in 2002 with 40K miles. I LOVE my car, so I take GREAT care of it. I have still had many problems with it: new transmission, head gasket, water pump, ignition switch, TOTAL air conditioning, brakes, struts, etc... It now has 115K miles and mechanics are floored that it still runs. I have put over twice the amount the car is worth into repairing it, and I'm really starting to dislike Chrysler. Granted, I have a lot of miles on it now, but the problems started at 40K when I first bought it.

1997 Dodge Neon from North America


Great, inexpensive car!


Wheelwell collected water from unsealed trunk.

General Comments:

A great car!

We ran it for 100,000 miles after buying it used and only put tires, brakes, spark plugs and a battery in it.

Great on gas with a lot of get up and go!

Good amount of room in the backseat for the kids!

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Review Date: 20th August, 2004

1997 Dodge Neon 2.0L SOHC from North America


A car that should be avoided.


Internal oil leak at 45,000 miles.

Transmission slippage at 50,000 miles.

Ignition coil failed at 30,000 miles.

Water pump failed at 60,000 miles.

Timing belt broke at 35,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is just that, a car. It gets me from point A to point B.

I would never drive this car over 70 MPH due to the constant internal oil leaks which make the camshaft lose power.

The interior of this vehicle is plain-Jane.

This car has cost more than 6,000 in repairs. Not worth the buy.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2004

13th Aug 2004, 15:03

Just wait till the head gasket goes...

12th Nov 2004, 12:21

Over $3,000.00 in repairs in 1 year, and now the axle broke and mechanics said it was a manufacture default and it cannot be refurbished. I hate this car, but, can't sell it for what I put into it.

1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC from North America


A total disappointment


Head gasket went approximately 1 month after I bought the car used. 2 weeks after having the head gasket replaced, the rear main seal went on the car. Total cost of repairs was $1200.

Now I'm noticing the automatic transmission is slipping and there is an awful grinding noise coming from the front on the drivers side.

General Comments:

I bought this used car because it had low mileage, thinking it would be cheap and reliable. Boy was I ever wrong!

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Review Date: 4th July, 2004