1997 Dodge Neon Sport DOHC from North America


Overall Great Car


To be honest, not much has gone wrong with the car. I love my neon, it is a great car. The only thing that has gone wrong is I have a small rod knock, that I am replacing myself very soon. The only reason that happened was because my stupid self believed the computer that tested the oil sensor that said there was plenty of oil in car. Low oil causes low oil pressure which cause's a rod or crankshaft problem. Other than that everything has been perfectly fine.

General Comments:

This car is very fun to drive. Good in the snow (parking lots occasionally).

The car handles very well. Since I was lucky enough to get the competition coupe.

Very Very Easy motor to deal with everything is right in front of my face.

I'm not sure why people spend a ridiculous amount of money on repairs when all you need is a good set of tools a Chilton's manual and patience to fix the car. Trust me most of you people out there will spend a whole lot less money than you do.

The car has a lot of miles and it has the low end motor problem so of course the acceleration is going to be a little groggy sometimes. I've been taking it easy because of the low end problem, last time I got on the car it took off very responsively and I was shocked to get such power out of it.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2004

1997 Dodge Neon Highline Sport DOHC from North America


This car makes me cry


While under 30,000 mile warranty, head gasket failed and was replaced. Thermostat was replaced 3 times.

Got two new radiators.

Entire transmission replaced.

Then my warranty expired.

Paint is just about gone.

Keyless entry system failed--dealership wouldn't replace because they said I had owned keyless system for more than five years (it was 1999?!)

Cooling system has failed-water pump leaks, major overheating.

Doesn't start anymore.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2004

1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC from North America


Engine made from Lego blocks, The rest of the car is made from recycled paper. Consumer Report HELP!


Pure Junk!! 1997 Neon 147,000km, Automatic.

Head Gasket Gone, Oil in Radiator.

3rd Alternator installed, still not getting any power to Battery!! Car Only running off battery!! New Wire Harness, Battery, Alternator, No One can Fix!!!

First gear slips first 10-20 min in morning, transmission fluid topped up!!!

Every change in gear, 1st-2nd-3nd there is a squeak!!

Clunks Hard from 1st to 2nd gear!!!

Overheats, both front fans don't work, one works sometimes.

Engine idles up and down, new sensor, didn't work!!!

Passenger side and driver side door locks broken!!!

Replaced ball joints, upper and inner tire rod ends, everything, and still hits the bumps like a tank!!!

Constantly out of alignment, always replacing tires, can't fix!!!

No interior Lights work, dome light, cigarette light, floor light, hood light, trunk light, all lights replaced, fuses good, but still no lights work at all!!!

All windows squeak loud when rolled up or down.

Can't get rear speakers to work at all, tried everything accept replace radio!!

Floor of car always wet, even if no rain for days!!!

Hood will never shut properly, scared to drive on highway, always popping up!!!

Windshield wipers about to fall off, from the link, not just the wipers.

Rear defrost won't work, but fuse OK!!

The whole car has electrical problems, in every single area!!

Still many, many, many more little problems, too much to list!!


General Comments:

Basically, this is the worst car I've ever bought. it's now sitting at my cabin, while I stay in town saving up for another car. the repair estimates run over $5000.00 and I can't sell it to anyone. I need a head gasket, and transmission rebuild, just to start, and there's no point in getting this done because I've been to 5 garage's, all professionals, and no one can fix my alternator/battery problem. the battery just won't charge at all, even after 3 new alternators, and a new wire harness!! I just can't understand why there is so many problems with this car, and even the cars manufacturer can fix its own problems!!! I just want everyone to know that huge problems come with these cars, buyers beware!! and if anyone knows what might be wrong with my battery not charging up, please respond to my comments, it would really help out. the developers of this car should be ashamed. there is not one thing good about this car. it is sad when people spend so much time and money in a car like this, and can never drive it. my car is a 1997, always at the dealer, and should not have so many problems.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2004

23rd Apr 2004, 07:41

Actually Consumer Reports already gives this vehicle it's lowest possible reliability rating. My suggestion is that you pick up a copy of their annual used car buyer guide BEFORE you purchase your next vehicle.

Sorry dude, but I just know of way too many people who have bought these mass-produced lemons. Dodge really puts way too much money into their styling and not enough, if any, into quality control.