1997 Dodge Neon Sport 2.0L DOHC from North America


Overall, I've been very happy with my Neon


Head gasket replaced twice (once at 13K km, the 2nd time at 105K km).

Factory paint (lapis blue) began peeling shortly after the warranty expired (3 years).

Sunroof had a life expectancy of about 1 year. It was fixed at least once every summer under warranty. When the warranty finally ran out, the roof gave the same troubles and Chrysler agreed to replace the whole thing. That lasted for about 5 years before finally breaking down again.

General Comments:

The Neon is definitely not even close to being perfect, but despite its faults, it is a good car for what it is. Sure, it had its problems (including that infamous head gasket appetite), but it is also a very spacious car, considering its exterior dimensions. It handles very well, it is frugal on gas, and it can also be very quick for an economy car.

If you are mechanically inclined, the car is also relatively easy to work on and parts are both cheap and plentiful. I'm coming the original owner of my Neon, and I'm coming up on 13 years of ownership. I have every intention of driving this car into the ground, but hopefully that won't be anytime soon.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2010

1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 SOHC from North America


Honda destroyer, with a bit of money put into it


Radiator fins totally rusted off.

Front engine mounts blown (probably because of the way I drive the car... LOL)

Electrical problems with dash.

Both rear brake lines burst.

Suspension ball joints front and back blown.

General Comments:

Nice and quick in a straight line (beats a lot of Hondas, even some of the newer ones)

The handling can be quite scary at times.

Cheap and relatively easy to fix.

There are other cars that are better for the same money.

Interior is very very dull.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2009

1997 Dodge Neon 2.0 from North America


A fast, cheap and sometimes reliable piece of crap


Engine problems, transmission problems paint is chipping on roof, the door is bubbling...

General Comments:

It kicks ass on the highway. I'm only 18 so it's a good go to school and work and parties car. It kicks Honda and Mitsubishi's ass, but do like to steal my parents Hyundai Santa Fe for dates cause you know rusty doors and chipping paint is not what a girl wants to see.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2009

24th Jun 2009, 17:12

Well I agree with the crap part, but fast... not so much. Unless you consider traveling at the blistering speed of mediocre to be fast...

1997 Dodge Neon from North America


The worst money I have ever spent, on anything,


Engine bolts snapped off when brand new.

Head gasket blew 4 times.

Numerous other issues.

General Comments:

Two or three months after buying the car (brand new), the bolts that held the engine in place actually snapped off. The engine had tipped over and was leaning on the frame, so the entire car was vibrating so much I couldn't see through my mirrors as I drove it to the dealership (I didn't know what the problem was). The mechanic actually looked pale when he told me what had happened, I should have known then that I was in trouble.

In the first year of owning the car it was in the shop nearly every month for one thing or another. Twice in one month, actually. Those Neons were keeping the dealer mechanics so busy, it usually took them 2-3 days before I got my little dream machine back. So I'm bussing it on a regular basis, while making my monthly $300 car payment. It was my first car, so I was very naive. I remember asking at the dealership if this was normal for a new car, and being told "well, sometimes you just get a lemon".

Then there was the head gasket. It was replaced once under warranty, I believe, and then two more times by my family. The fourth time it blew, we decided enough money had been spent on the car, so it moldered in my back lane until a junk yard guy offered me $150 bucks for it (I pushed for $200, but he said he had so many already, he didn't really need another).

Since owning this car I have driven a 1989 VW Jetta - a prince of a car I paid $4000 for, and drove with no major problems for 8 years, and a 1991 Nissan Axxess, a perfect vehicle that saved my life in a head-on collision. I shudder to think what would have happened had I been driving the Neon.

I am currently in the market for another car, and it will be a VW, Nissan or a Honda. Dodge has lost a customer for life.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2009