15th Feb 2005, 12:33

I have a 99' neon r/t, and just like you my clutch make a 'popping' noise when I depress it, mostly when I get on the gas. I have changes my plugs and wires and even grade of gasoline and it still runs rough. I also have the check engine light one and I had it tested and it says engine idling system failure. Now I have no idea what that is, but it sounds bad...

23rd Apr 2005, 00:07

I purchased a 1999 r/t in November of last year. It had approximately 45,000 miles on it and I paid $4,700 for it. I also noticed the rough idle. The salesman said all neons did that. I don't think that means it is good. I have begun to replace parts that I see as weaknesses in the r/t. I have replaced the computer with a Mopar performance unit. By the way, my old computer has a sticker on it from when it was "updated" in 2001 at a dealership. I am still waiting on my Iceman intake. I have an msd coil and wires. I had problems with platinum plugs and have gone back to OEM. The point I am trying to make is that I only paid $4700 for a vehicle that is reliable and fun. Now I can afford to play with things and make the vehicle my own. That is what attracted me to the r/t. I believe there are people who have had bad experiences with vehicles. To use one vehicle as an indicator of the worth of a whole production run is far too judgmental a call for me to make. I write this with the knowledge that although an average opinion is much more valuable, it is far less available because it would seem that the only people who are willing to part with their precious time are the ones with a bone to pick. This car is not a lemon, it is just cheap.

30th Jul 2005, 17:03

We have a 99 Neon, purchased with just under 20K miles for my daughter when she turned 16 in 2004. Within 200 miles of purchase, I had to replace plugs, as well as the windshield wiper motor and cig lighter assembly. At 26K, a part from the transmission literally "blew out" the side of the front quarter panel. Total maintenance so far - over $3,000. Had two tune ups, $300 each. Oil pan leak, shakes at 50 mph or higher. All in all, we've put as much into the car as the original cost - we'll definitely not purchase another Dodge in this home. We had no help - warranty company went bankrupt, so we're paying each month to have a warranty that we can't use (part of the loan)

23rd Nov 2006, 17:23

The car being reviewed is just horrible! All those major problems at such low miles! Sure, it was covered by warranty, but H*ll, it's just inexcusable! I would've expected the head gasket and clutch to blow at about 10x that mileage!

20th Jul 2008, 12:01

I bought a 1999 Neon. It had 56000 miles on it.

I carried it home, and had oil and transmission fluid under the car. I carried it back. I had bought the warranty for extra money. They replaced the engine oil seal and transmission switch.

I have 153000 miles on it now. I still drive it.

I put a radiator on it at 150000 miles.

I had one set of tires that I drove 48000 miles.

It gets great mileage.

It has a lot of power for its size, and I would buy another one.

Dodge sure messed up when they dropped this car. Then gas went up a lot.

If they had the Neon now, they could probably sell all they could make.

I have only put one set of spark plugs on it since I have had the car. When I bought it, it was 3 years old.

27th Jul 2009, 11:54

My 99 Neon only had to have the head gasket replaced about 110,000 miles. I drove it about 40,000 miles per year and it worked great until my daughter rolled with about 232,000 miles on it. She hit a patch of ice at high speed and it rolled about 3 times. Both my son and daughter got out without a scratch. I really miss that car.

19th Sep 2009, 08:42

As far as I'm concerned, the dealerships should share some of the blame in the failure of this model and of Chrysler. Most of them cannot be trusted to deliver honest and affordable service. Then you have those warranty that MAY cover certain aspects, but typically let you down when you need it most. Look at the looooooong list of Technical Service Bulletins these Neons have, not to mention the amount of recalls (silent and otherwise) Some people love these cars and others have gad HORRIBLE experiences with them. Mechanics LOVE them as they can be a HUGE money pit.

I look at it this way - The large trunk lid springs that are supposed to keep the trunk sitting upright when opened pretty much stop working properly after like 50,000++ because they lose the tension/strength. It's nice to have have a trunk lid hit you in the head when you're loading something in there. SO you have to add springs within the existing spring. Re-engineering and improving the OEM. It kind of defines the entire car and what Chrysler tried to get away with on almost every aspect of this car - just my two cents.

I've owned a 98 R/T, 99 R/T and 2001 SE. They all had quirky issues with steering, idling, window issues, sun roof assemblies that stopped working pre 70K, electrical issues, AC, brakes, and basically I had to "re-engineer" most of the systems to make them safer/better or more to my liking. (From the previously mentioned trunk springs, to wire harness to motor mounts to differential pin brackets to MLS-multi layer steel headgaskets to suspension items)