12th May 2001, 18:15

I have had problems with the front suspension on this car since it hit 6,900 miles. In addition to these problems, I have had the brakes replaced, the tail lights leaked (into the interior), the a/c went out, the only word that comes to mind is LEMON.

19th Feb 2003, 19:45

I own a Dodge Neon 2000, and never had a major problem.

I drive about 140 km a day. The odometer now shows 228 000 km. I replaced the front brake pads and rear brake shoes at 125 000 km. I change the oil and oil filter every two weeks to keep the engine in good shape. Beside the normal routine of replacing tires, wheel alignment etc., and regular inspections, I am more than satisfied with the Neon. Good mileage, good handling, a bit noisy (road noise) but it's not a Cadillac and I enjoy it.

2nd May 2003, 12:30

I've owned a 5-speed 2000 Neon since September '99 with no mechanical problems whatsoever. Prior to that, I drove a '98 automatic Neon that also never had a problem.

I always change the oil every 3000 kilometers, not miles, and the car still looks and runs like new. It has about 49000 kilometers on it at this writing. So far, this has been the most reliable vehicle I've had since I started driving in 1972 by far, and that includes the many Japanese cars I've had. The interior still looks new, nothing has broken or fallen off. The clutch is still light and smooth, the brakes very good except for some squealing on wet days and the tranny still shifts like new. I have no rattles or squeaks and have had only one minor recall for a PCV hose. I've noticed that the original Goodyear tires are noisy and don't wear well. I replaced them with a set of premium performance tires, which transformed the car. It's now much quieter, especially on the highway, and takes to curves like a fish to water. The dealer has been very courteous and prompt with their service. I have a buddy who owns an '02 Neon R/T that he bought because he liked my car so much, and his experience is similar to mine. My next vehicle will definitely be a Dodge.

5th May 2003, 09:08

I have a 2000 neon that I leased for 4 years. I have had constant problems with the noise of the brakes, the front driver's window has always shifted the door as it went up and down. I have brought the vehicle in several times for these problems and they said the brake were always o.k. but I had to have the front brake rotors replaced because they were orginally warped and supposedly fixed the window. (It still shifts and now scratched the window) which I had to bring in to replace so I wouldn't get stuck paying for when my lease is up. I only drive my car back and forth to work each day and only have 47,000 km. I am very disappointed with the inconveniences I received from my dealership. Now all of a sudden my front brake pads are gone and I need to fix A.S.A.P. or my rotors will need replacing which were already replaced less than 7 months ago. What kind of fool do people think I am. I'm off to General Motors next time.

15th Aug 2003, 15:55

My 2000 Neon has been very good to me up till now. Two days ago (1 month after the warranty finished) the a/c stopped working.