1st Dec 2001, 21:59

You say you have a great car, but that's before you have any problems. I had a 1995 Neon Sport and thought it was the greatest thing for the first 6 months I owned it. Over the next two months I spent more than half the value of the car in repairs. Since then I have gotten rid of that useless piece of garbage and bought a Honda, something I know will be reliable.

My advice to you is that if you have a Neon that still runs good, sell it while you can because once you get some major problems, you will lose any money you put into the car.

31st Jan 2002, 11:06

I have a Dodge Neon and I have had it for a year. The car ran great when I first bought it, I loved it but recently I have had to put a new head gasket on my car, a new transmission, and a whole new steering system. I will never buy another Chrysler made vehicle. I am looking at getting a Honda or Toyota. Take my advice.

26th Jun 2002, 14:25

I wish I had done the research. My 96 Neon was a fun drive for the first year, then came the "usual suspects": head gasket, faulty something-or-other with the shifting mechanism that my non-dealer mechanic said could have been incredibly dangerous if it had failed when I was driving, paint eczema, the list goes on (I stopped going to the dealer after the head gasket incident. They were complete and utter jerks -- tried to convince me that because I was female I had no idea what a warranty-covered mechanical problem was). What annoys me the most about the whole situation is the over-stocking of the parts at the shops; they knew there was a problem. Oh well. I drive a Subaru now. I've had it for almost a year and a half and it's kept both its resale value and my joy in driving it. "Dodge" should just change their name to "Dodgy" when it comes to the 96 Neon.

27th Jun 2003, 14:13

I own a 1998 Plymouth Neon that ran great at first. However, 6 months ago the car developed a rod knock. My dealership and my mechanic have both informed me that I will need either a new engine or to have my current one rebuilt to the tune of around $4,000. I contacted the company and my complaint feel on deaf ears.

Now that I have gotten my car paid off I will be looking for a Honda or Toyota. I will never own another Chrysler product. If you are thinking of buying a Neon please do a lot of research first. I wish I had.

16th Mar 2004, 16:52

I bought my 1996 Neon a few years ago when my new car was totaled. Like other posts here - it ran fine at first, and I was meticulous with its care. Then it developed coolant problems and oil leaks. Then the head gasket went. I wish I'd found this site earlier, before I put as much money into repairs as I did.

25th Jun 2004, 00:17

I have had my 96 dodge neon for almost two years now and I only had to replace a seal and a starter thus far. The seal was my fault from bottoming out. It took me a while to get use to driving a car instead of a truck. I think my fiance managed to kill the starter from trying to treat it like a truck too.

It has been a wonderful gem of a car and I enjoy it and intend to hang onto it as long as possible. It just takes care of everything I need and has been for the most part trouble free.

22nd Feb 2005, 08:59

February 2005.

Since I first bought my 2000 Dodge Neon I have had nothing, but problems. In the past 2 years of owning it I have replaced the headgasket, rebuilt the transmission then replaced it completely, repaired and replaced the brakes about five times, repaired tire rod ends, and replaced the radiator. This car has been the biggest mistake and hassle. It mysteriously doesn't start on occassion, but my mechanic doesn't know why?!? I've put so much more money into repairs than payments I swear.

I strongly urge anyone who is even considering buying a neon to re-evaluate your options and stay away from any Chrysler made product!

5th Jan 2006, 22:41

I just wanted to thank all of you for your comments.

I was in the process of picking between a 96 neon and a 94 accord with a lot more miles and now I know what to pick.