1996 Dodge Neon Sport 2.0 SOHC from North America


Inexpensive, yet in a class of its own


2 head gaskets have gone... but that is a manufacturer's defect, and if you complain to Chrysler, they'll cover the cost for you, since it SHOULD be a recall.

Other than that, it is not the smoothest ride, but you sacrifice that smooth ride for the great performance, otherwise you would have a Ford Escort. EWWW!

I just replaced a valve seal, which really is the first time the car has had a problem (other than the head gaskets, but ALL Neons go through that!)

General Comments:

I love it. It is a great little car, excellent fuel economy, and you can do SO many things to customize a Neon! I suggest the Wings West body kit.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2000

28th Jul 2002, 16:40

I have had my Dodge Neon for almost 5 years. It does have an oil leak, but until I read these reviews I did not know what caused it. Other than that a slight problem with the signal lights. it is a 4 door, a 96. It has never failed to start on the first try even in very cold weather. It has slightly under 47000 miles on it and you guys are scaring me to death.

31st Mar 2003, 03:26

I have a 96 Neon basemodel 5 speed and I love it. No problems except for having to change the oil. Mine is the blueish purple color and ALL the cars of this color have paint chipping. Factory recall. that's the only problem. But I guess if you TAKE CARE of your car, it will treat you well. But if you run it into the ground, then its gonna run like crap! Buy a neon. It will be the last car you ever buy. There the best! can do many things to them, and theres many neon car clubs.

16th Nov 2003, 06:21

1996 Dodge Neon Sport 16valve DOHC

2 Alternators covered by warranty

1 set of brakes

Fuel gage kaput

1 Oil sensor leak

Oil leak started again 2 months later. No oil at the top of the motor it starts about half way down... oil sensor again?

Front wheel bearings went yesterday.

All this with 155000KM so not too bad. I only drive about 50KM a day and sometimes the car sits for several weeks while I'm away. All in all I cannot complain. It still gets great mileage and hasn't caused me too much grief. One thing it always starts!

Sean in Ontario Canada.

1st Apr 2004, 19:58

I have a 1996 neon with 167,000 km. I have had only one problem, the brakes which were replaced around 160,000. Other than that there is no mechanical problems. The only other minor problem I have is with the wind noise you get through the windows at highway speeds, but it can easily be fixed with the music. Neon's are a good car for students, they are cheap and you can do cool things to them.

1996 Dodge Neon Highline from North America


A nightmare on wheels


Chronic oil leaks.

Coolant leaks.

Head gasket failure.

Water pump failure.

Squealing brakes.

General Comments:

There are many known defects with this vehicle. If anyone is bonkers enough to buy one, he/she should DO RESEARCH.

Be courteous but aggressive in demanding 100% reimbursement for head gasket, airbag, water leakage and other "known" problems.

Recommend http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov as a starting point for research into technical service bulletins and other customer complaints.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2000

15th Mar 2001, 15:54

I own a 1997 Dodge Neon Sport Sedan. I love my car and have had no problems. Of course, that's just coming from someone who was bonkers enough to buy one and enjoy the fact that I do have a cheaper car than any imports. Not only is it cheaper, but it has more power. Even if I have to do some repairs.