1996 Dodge Neon 2 door 4 cylinder 2 L. from North America


Either turn it into a street car or don't buy it


Currently theres a leak in the floor board of my neon, so the back seat gets soaked, and since the carpet is black, it stains anything that touches the backseat. Also the speedometor doesn't work. Peeling paint is another issue, its mainly on the trunk and bumper. Also it use to have a problem with overheating, so I had to put in a whole new radiator.

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Even though all this happened I still love my neon.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2002

26th Nov 2002, 13:41

Yeah I have a 95 neon sport coupe and it's the cutest car.. the paint peels and everything else goes wrong I've spent more than $4,500 on repaires if that sayes anything... But even after all that money spent and all the hair I pulled out I STILL LOVE MY CAR!!! ;)

3rd Jan 2004, 17:48

I just got this great 1996 DODGE NEON SPORT it is my first car and no matter what happens I still love it! Kim.

1996 Dodge Neon Standard 4 cylinder from North America


Buy this car and see the country side...walking!


I agreed to purchase this car if the trunk was fixed so that it would no longer leak. It was, but shortly after purchasing it begun to collect 2 inches of water in the tire well.

Six weeks after purchasing, transmission pan began to leak.

Noticeable popping/rumbling noise from front end were heard shortly after purchasing. This turned out to be a bad driver's side axle.

Nine months after purchase the car began to over heat. Had to replace thermostat which was removed in pieces.

Back up lights would come on during breaking with headlights on. This turned out to be a lose ground wire on tail lights.

Headlights flicker while Air conditioning is on. Manufacturing problem that was never recalled.

Soon after check engine light came on. After the trouble codes had been pulled the car was diagnosed with a EGR valve failure.

Car stalled at a stop light about a year after purchasing. This was the fault of a loose ground wire on fuel pump.

Horrible drive ability over bumps and corners due to shock failer. It's like riding in a bus.

Transmission had problems shifting into reverse from the time of purchase. Year and a half after purchase my transmission runs only in first gear, but then only sometimes. I no longer have reverse and trouble codes point to miscommunication between the car's computer and torque converter.

I also go through a quart of oil every 2 weeks or so due to either blown head gasket or leaking valve cover seals. You can pull one of the spark plugs and it drips oil.

Gas millage is around to 24 miles per gallon in town, but that is in part due to the EGR valve failing.

Several speakers have gone and I do not listen to my radio even remotely loud.

This is by far not a roomy car. The trunk hardly fits the tire more or less something as common as groceries. Has no power and is very dangerous for this reason when it comes to pulling out into traffic.

It is common knowledge that the 95 and 96 models of this car blow head gaskets. They were never recalled. This car is the worst car I have ever owned and I will never purchase another Dodge again. It's not drivable and I still owe $3,100 on it and spend $115 a month on insurance which the bank requires me to keep.

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I think if I was to say anything positive about the car I would have to say it handles very well on curves. The air conditioner and heater work well.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2002

3rd May 2003, 14:27

Obviously, this person bought a very used and not well taken care of Neon. When we bought our '96 Neon, it had 28,000 miles on it. That was over 5 years ago. Over the last 5 years, I had the same problem with the trunk lid seal. Not a big deal, replace it and be on your way. Now after 100,000 miles, the cam seal does leak a bit, but not real bad. The only major problem I had was last year the automatic transmission went out and had to be rebuilt. Other than that, I haven't had too many problems.

The best advice I can give is to check out your "used" car very carefully to be sure it was not abused.