1996 Dodge Neon LX 2.0 from North America


My head gasket blew at 61,000 miles. I have had fuel injection problems, two new O2 sensors replaced, fuel pump at 75,000 miles, 1 broken air conditioner, 1 broken radio, my service engine light has been on for 2 years. Now my fuel pump is going out along with my transmission.

General Comments:

I could have bought a new Mercedes if you add up initial cost of car plus repaires and maintenence I have put into this pile of junk. The only thing good I can say is the seats are very comfortable... I know, because I have slept in them several times when I have been broke down.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2003

1996 Dodge Neon Highline Sedan 2.0L from North America


This car is the reason the Lemon Law was created!


What hasn't gone wrong with this car? It had the infamous head-gasket problem, and I had to replace it twice.

The back-up lights stopped working, had them fixed, then they stopped working again.

One day I was driving from Albany, NY to Oneonta, NY (about an hour and a half drive) and it sounded like the car wouldn't shift into overdrive. Then over the next few weeks it developed this problem where the gas pedal would get harder and harder to press down. Then, it eventually got to the point that if you forced the gas pedal down too far or too quick, it would pop out of drive into neutral. Pulling out into traffic was almost impossible because it was so slow to pick up speed. This apparently was all connected with the back-up light problem as well, because they work now that this problem has been fixed.

The brakes have also been a constant problem. They always squeal, and have been replaced numerous times.

Another problem I've encountered is that the gas gauge works only half the time. Also related to this problem, I'm assuming, is the fact that my speedometer AND odometer stop working occasionally, so who knows just how many miles are ACTUALLY on the car.

Now, the trunk won't open by the pop-latch. You have to physically open the trunk with the key and pull up.

The alignment is always off as well.

In the winter time especially, the car doesn't like to start up and run right away. And when you start it up, it makes this horrendous whinning sound, like the power steering is going or something.

And finally, I think, the car makes a clunking sound in the back like the shocks are bad, but my mechanic doesn't see a problem when he looks at it. But then again, if he took it for a ride, then maybe he'd know, so maybe that's a problem with the mechanic. :-P.

General Comments:

This car is very unreliable. It has left me stranded on numerous occasions. It wears the tires, as I am replacing them way too quickly, and I don't drive like a maniac. Its not a very comfortable ride after about 3 years of driving. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this model. Hopefully they've fixed some of the problems, but I have a hard time believing they did anything, except for maybe fix the head-gasket problem.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2003

23rd Apr 2003, 12:55

I have the same problems with my neon. My solution, don't buy dodge.

12th Jan 2008, 00:30

Hey I had the same problems with mine; speedometer went out, gas gauge, back up lights and other stuff.

I own a 96; I think it was their worst year, but I only bought because I needed a really cheap car on insurance, because I had totalled my Honda Prelude, which is a great car, and I'm never buying a Dodge again, but Chevy is coming out with some good models.

1996 Dodge Neon Highline Sedan 4 cylinder 2 L from North America


This vehicle is a money-guzzling, no good piece of crap


This car has been nothing but a string of problems. The head gasket blew at 40,000 miles.

The brakes have worn very quickly (and I don't drive in a manner that would make them wear quickly).

The transmission is about to go and it only has 51,000 miles on it.

The paint is chipping on the rear bumper.

The rear driver side door is rusting from the inside (at least I'm fairly sure it is).

The tape player hasn't worked since I bought it and the guy I bought it from never used it.

General Comments:

Maybe if I neglected to take it in for scheduled maintenance or it had many miles on it (it's a 1996 and only has 51,000 miles on it), I would understand it falling apart. I've done nothing but pump money into it and it still continues to give me problems.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003