1996 Dodge Neon Sport from North America


Good car to get from A to B, but not something I would rely on for traveling


A/C quit working. Check engine light kept coming so I went back and I had an evaporator leak and both schrader valves. Antifreeze was coming into the car thru the vents. Compressor is now loud at front bearing. Tail light fuse wore out. Brakes and tires were fixed/replaced before I got it. Over a thousand dollars put into it in just two months!

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

1996 Dodge Neon from North America


A crap-box racer


Head Gasket replaced at 40,000.

Alignment Problems.

Turn signals turn on without reason.

License plate light and brake lights work when they feel like it.

Foul smell from air conditioner.

Windows do not fit the seals right, so air rushes in and it sounds like a plane.

Very loud, abnormal exhaust sounds.

My car sounds like it's a go-cart.

Air conditioner freezes after being run for 30 minutes.

Squealing sound from front end during all turns.

General Comments:

I really wish I had never gotten this car. I had an '85 Mercury Lynks, and the only reason I bought this car was that the clutch went out and I had to have a car. My dad rushed into a purchase, and now I'm stuck with a piece of garbage for another 2 years, until I have it paid off. I will never in my life buy another Dodge. After my experiences, and of those around me who have Dodges, I could not. Anyone reading this and thinking about buying a Neon: Do not. It's not worth the trouble. You'll end up putting way more into it then it's worth, and you'll be suffering like the other Neon owners you'll read about.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2003

9th Apr 2004, 23:58

Well I have a 95 neon with 180,000 miles on it an its outlast any car I've ever had. Its not a money pit and repairs are cheap. The only reason they break down is because people run them to death. They don't change the oil, or come in for regular tune ups. DODGE RULES!!

29th Sep 2004, 21:05

One good thing I can say about my Neon is that the air bags do their job. I'm the former owner of the Neon above. I was in a pretty bad car accident on my 21st birthday in this car, and came out with only a few scratches and some burns and cuts from the air bags. Having this car saved my life. If I would have been in my other car, I would not be here today. Thank God for air bags and seat belts!!!

3rd Apr 2005, 20:56

I would have to say I, I totally agree with everything you said went wrong. My neon not only sounds like a go-cart, it kind of runs like one. The windows not sealing is a huge problem because mine leak and I get standing water on the floor in the backseat. I love the little car and it's fun to drive, but I can't wait to get rid of it!

4th Jun 2006, 12:42

I have to agree with the first owner of the neon. My 1996 did everything on his list as well. In fact, it made me feel good to know I wasn't the only one who smelled the a.c. smell. Not only do I have standing water on the floor of the backseat, but also in the trunk. I also can't wait to be rid of my Neon.

1996 Dodge Neon 4.0 from North America


A great car at a great price


For about 2 days the service engine light stayed on, and most recently I have had problems with the engine over heating.

General Comments:

I love my Neon.

This car handles like it is on rails. It can also blow away most of the "rice burners" that the younger kids are driving, even after they put thousands of dollars into them.

I have had to put very little money into the car, except for minor maintenance.

The engine overheating is the only problem that I have had with the car, and expect that it will have something to do with the thermostat.

The windows are another issue altogether. I think Dodge needs to redesign the windows on the Neon and maybe consider a better mount for them.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2003