1996 Dodge Neon Standard 4 cylinder. 2.0 liter from North America


An Overall Reliable Vehicle


Head gasket was replaced before I purchased the vehicle at approximately 30,000 miles due to a manufactures recall.

Belts continually dislocated at 50,000 miles due to a bent crank shaft pulley. Once the bent crank shaft pulley was replaced, the belts have been fine.

Blinker apparatus failed at 67,000 miles.

Rear cam seal went out at 96,000 miles.

Main cam seal went out at 106,000.

General Comments:

My 1996 Dodge Neon has been overall a very good vehicle. I have traveled more miles in my Dodge Neon than in any other vehicle I have owned. Yet, now that my Neon is accumulating more miles it is seemingly having more difficulty. My main concern is the cam seals. I had the rear cam seal replaced at 96,000 miles and now at 106,000 miles I am having to replace the main cam seal. Overall, I must say that in the 5 years I have owned the vehicle, I have put approximately $800.00 into repairs. The vehicle, however, still maintains a decent resale value. I feel that I have been lucky with my Dodge Neon, because I have heard several nightmare stories regarding significant problems with other Neons. My vehicle I must say doesn't have the power it use to and is slowly deteriorating, but I'm determined to drive it until it's last days. FYI: Don't put more money into a vehicle that you will never get back when you sell it!!

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Review Date: 28th October, 2003

1996 Dodge Neon Expresso 2.0 SOHC from North America


Great car


At around 60-70k we had the head gasket changed.

General Comments:

Since owning the car in 1995 (the car is a 1996 model, but was purchased in late 1995) it has been through a lot. Several trips to and from Kentucky, 2 new drivers to a 5 speed, and me.

I just got the car for my 18th birthday when I received my license, and I have loved the car since. I don't know what is wrong with all of the other people's cars, but they must abuse them, or not know what they are doing or talking about.

The only trouble that I am having now, is my fuel injectors. I have read the reviews that state that their Neons are out of alignment, they are wearing tires, all this crap. Well people, if you avoid the pot holes, it won't be out of alignment.

I love my Neon and plan to keep it past the life of the current engine. Many mods are to come to the car. And if I may recommend to ANYONE wanting a fast, affordable car, go with a 2003 Neon R/T, or the Neon SRT-4. Unless you want to be like EVERYONE else and have a Civic... But... Where's the fun in that?

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003

24th Feb 2011, 09:09

I agree. I've just had a '96 Dodge Neon Expresso bought for me as my first car and I've only heard and had nothing but good reviews from it.

It's been in an accident and you can't even tell. The only thing wrong with it is the paint is worn out.

25th Feb 2011, 16:36

Neons eat head gaskets for breakfast. I'd take a Civic over a Neon any day.

1996 Dodge Neon 2.0L from North America


If you enjoy having your car in the shop 90% of the time, you will love this car


Wow, where should I start?

Headlights weren't plugged in when I picked it up.

Rad fan in my car didn't work when I got it, which, 5 months down the road I ended up putting a new rad fan in, another rad, and all new transmission lines due to overheating.

Don't think coolant gage works because it never moves.

Had the signal switch replaced 3 times because they wouldn't turn off on their own.

Interior light was fixed 3 times, still only works when it wants to.

Air conditioning pump seized up 3 days after I got the car, which also busted the belt for power steering.

Struts were replaced 1 month after I got it, they were so bad they were starting to wear through my trunk.

Annoying ticking sound when I opened my door. Found out that was because my interior light didn't work. When the light works, the ticking stops.

Windows leak not only air, but also water.

Replaced both front speakers, pulled them out and poured water out of them.

Door panel on passenger side rattles.

Tie rod end on the right was replaced, now I think my left one is getting ready to go.

Steering wheel squeaks badly in the winter.

Air Conditioner blows out hotter air then what the heater does, apparently it's going to cost me $1000.00 to fix.. so having the windows down will suit me just fine.

New muffler about 3 weeks after I got my car.

Sometimes sticks in park and is hard to get into reverse.

And, for the newest problems.. my car smells. Not sure what it is, but it smells like rubber burning and just about makes me gag. Only does it when I am sitting idle.

As well it needs lower control arms.

I have spent roughly 3 grand on this car, and have only put a little over 20 thousand Kilometers on it.

General Comments:

I love my car, despite it's problems.

Goes 170 km/h with no trouble at all.

Looks cute.

Good car for me because I am short so it's easy to drive and handles amazing.

Although I love my car, make sure that if you are considering buying a neon you research first. Also, make sure your getting it from a dealer or someone you trust. After I bought mine from a used car dealership, that was it, as soon as I drove it away, they wanted nothing to do with it, and it was like pulling teeth to get them to do any repairs on it.

Feel free to e-mail me at: sarahbara18@yahoo.com with any questions or comments

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003

11th Oct 2004, 17:22

Service engine light went on for no reason after 80,000 miles and won't go off car is still running and has 173,000 miles, but have had a lot fixed. Car had head gasket problems after 35,000 miles had to take back to dealer to be fixed.

29th Jan 2005, 17:03

The burning smell means that the transmission is going bad. the seals are defective causing the trany to burn your fluid. I would suggest taking it in and haveing the trany rebuilt.