9th May 2006, 21:37

Hey, I've had my neon for 2 years and have had some similar, yet much less serious, problems as well. for the future though, I suggest you stop driving the car. also, for the next car you get, don't bring it to that same mechanic again. if you notice your car having a problem, and the mechanic says its fine, definitely bring it to another mechanic. good luck!!!

16th May 2006, 20:52

Hey, I am the original poster of this ad.

And guess what on March 31 I took my car to a real "5 star" dealership and they performed a co-pilot test I believe it's called they put a thing under my car and drove it to see whats wrong. We'll I had to get a rental they paid for 1 days and I paid for 2.

When I called the next day he told me they found a lot wrong with the car. They would need it an extra day if possible. I said OK so whats wrong. He said there was a problem with my oxgen pump, computer chip in the engine and something else. He said they would have too order the book to see how to fix it. I was sooo happy. Well the car must not have let the mechanic get out the turning lane and stalled. Well they fixed my car. I have drove it for over a month and no stallin, it has an even greater pickup, the guy was very nice and apologized to me for all I had been through with other dealers. He said he does not know why the other dealers did not see the problem on the computer. I said hum.

The rental they gave me was a dodge stratus 2006. HA!

It stalled on one of the side streets on the 2nd day and would not go pass 20 in traffic. I had to pull in the bushes and cut it off and on again! Who knows!

When I got my car back it drove very, very well.

But I am very happy now with the neon I even waxed it yesterday and it looks good and drives better than ever. I have been through a lot with this car and learned a lot.

Never give up on your car or anything in life keep on pushing and you will get results. Everything was covered under warranty so I thank the good lord Jesus for that. Thanks for hanging in there with me you guys. Remember if you all have this problem this may be what's up! Thanks and be safe out there

If anything else happens I'll let you know!

6th Sep 2006, 11:53

You have the patience of a Saint, and from your description of the breakdowns you almost became one.

What's killing the American car manufacturers is not the design of the cars, which is very good, but the build and service sides of the triangle.

18th Jun 2007, 22:56

I had these very same issues. Chrysler knows of all these problems and is trying not to fix them to save them money. I took mine to my parent's mechanic and he immediately found the problems. I had to pay for the things that Chrysler couldn't find and that would have been covered in the warranty.

I was so happy to hear that Chrysler is losing a lot of money, because for some reason no one wants to buy their cars. I hope the whole company goes out of business so no one else has to go through this.

19th Nov 2007, 19:50

Your review was not only well written and informative, however it was very inspirational. A real tear jerker. I hope your Dodge works very well in its latter years, or you get blessed with an even better car.

12th Sep 2008, 11:11

You do know that if the car is jerking ahead you can put it into Neutral without turning off the car... That will take the transmission out of gear and the car will not be able to move.

16th Dec 2009, 15:04

I just have to say, that I own a 2005 Dodge Stratus and I really like it, no problems at all. I just have to say that the dealer that I deal with is a 5 Star Dealer and I have been more than please with them. The only time that I have ever had an issue, they did everything that they could to help me get the issue resolved and keep me happy. Heck, everytime I go in for an oil change, they detail the car for free! I won't take my car anywhere else to have it serviced and I will probably not buy from anywhere else either. Having a reputable dealer can mean everything.