1988 Dodge Omni 2.0 from North America


Doesn't look pretty, but it works


Car has a rough idol. Changed the computer twice, but it still has the same problem.

Breaks needed to be replaced.

The car, like many, has started to rust on the driver side door.

Transmission bangs into drive since day 1.

General Comments:

This is a nice little car. Very good gas mileage. Its reliable and that's all that matters to me.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

23rd Apr 2005, 07:16

My uncle had one of these cars. It would just not give up! His Omni had a rough idle too. Do you think it could be motor mounts?

24th Apr 2005, 16:45

The motors in these are same as the K-Cars. They do tend to idle rough, and I haven't seen one yet that doesn't have a bit of lifter noise. Will not affect reliablilty or driveability.. car will continue on forever with good maintenance.

1988 Dodge Omni Base 2.2 TBI from North America


The perfect 1st car for anyone


Timing belt was just replaced, as well as the CV boot.

The wheel wells are starting to rust, as well as the sills.

General Comments:

The interior of this car is like new.

It's very comfortable to drive in.

I had a brand new headliner installed this past Christmas.

It's not as slow as one might think.

It drives like a go-kart.

Pictures of this car can be seen here:


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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

1988 Dodge Omni 4 Door 2.2 Litre from North America


Pizza delivery man's dream car


It needed a new head-casket about a month ago (easily fixed by me and my brother.)

I put a new radiator in it, only $172.

I put in a new thermostat, heater control system (little plastic thing only $6) & 2 radiator hoses.

While fixing it, it had a lot of dry-rotted hoses.

And I put on a new timing belt because the other one slipped and broke.

General Comments:

It has very good gas mileage.

The interior is very nice looking.

The seats are extremely comfortable.

It's very fast and easy to control on the road.

Excellent for delivering pizza in.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2004

15th Oct 2004, 13:24

I have a question, I want to buy a Dodge omni car, 1988 new tires and new brake lines. The price asked is 1800 Canadian dollars (roughly about 1200 US dollars), do you think it is a good price? my email is arfoon@yahoo.com

I will appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

12th Jun 2005, 10:28

I wouldn't buy it for that much, being as it's such an old car. Well, unless the mileage is crazy low.

One comment... these cars can take a beating! My father had one for years when I was pretty young, and he drove it an hour to and from work around Chicago every day. It took high speeds (well, when it could make 'em), hard driving, hot weather, the works. Definitely not a luxury car or a speed demon, though. Great Point A to Point B car.

29th Mar 2012, 05:43

I got an 88 Omni with 43,670 miles, original.

14th Apr 2012, 22:19

Are you selling it?

1988 Dodge Omni 2.2 Litre from North America


Super value for your money


The electrical system had a minor problem which was remedied by a $30 repair.

General Comments:

The Dodge Omni is excellent value for the money.

I purchased the vehicle new for $7400 Canadian dollars, about $5000 Amercian dollars at today's exchange.

Other than tires, brake pads and rotors, exhaust parts, wiper blades, headlights and oil changes the car has cost nothing to maintain.

My Omni is a bit of a joke with my friends and co-workers. They talk about how unattractive it is and how I should upgrade to a newer car. I honestly tell them if Chrysler still produced this car I would buy another.

It's the only car I've been able to afford brand new and it's been a real sweetheart. It owes me nothing and I'm very satisfied.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

4th Jan 2003, 15:09

I thought this was a very good survey, I my self owned an Omni, I thought the review was very good over all! Also it had a little extra Information which is not bad at all! But I like dodge and this was a very good review for Dodge! I liked this review very much!

6th Feb 2007, 19:04

Agreed, nice review. I owned a 1988 Omni, inexpensive to maintain, and a nice little commuter car. The only major expense was the a/c went out (seemed to be a major dodge problem with 4 cylinder engines.) But again, great review, fair, and true to the little gas saver Omni!

27th Mar 2008, 18:40

I loved my Omni. :) Bought it for $400 when I was 16, and it lasted until I was 19. It was cheap to run and cheap to maintain. For a short time, I had a fuse issue that actually took out all the running lights and interior lights, but that was an inexpensive fix. Also, the horn went out... which my trusted mechanic replaced with a horn that sounded exactly like a huge barge. (That made the car even more fun.) I would definitely buy another for an around-town car if they still made 'em... it didn't do so hot the one time I tried to highway drive it, though.