1966 Dodge Polara 880 Sedan 225 from North America


Slant 6 C-body! Only in Canada!


Water pump.


General Comments:

This car has a such a poor power to weight ratio. A huge car with a small engine, and yet the slant six is a lovely engine to drive. It revs nice and has good torque. I've driven the 440, 383, 318 in the Mopars. I like the buttery 440 and the gutsy 225 best. This car is a challenging drive. No power anything, including the steering and brakes! All drum brakes! The slant six is up to the challenge. I love a car that has a steeper learning curve. Hard to drive at first, but more rewarding in the end. I love throwing this boat into corners.

The ride of this C body is amazing once on country roads. Parking is pretty hardcore.

So far very reliable and cheap repairs.

Gorgeous Elwood Engel design. Clean straight lines and squared off edges. Big glass all around. The total opposite of a current egg shaped SUV.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010

30th Jul 2010, 13:14

I like that you mentioned the square design with the big 'greenhouse' - a style common in the 1980s and 1960s, and not unheard of in the 70s, but rare since about 1990.

Drivability is all about smoothness, quietness, torque, and good outward vision. None of which modern cars achieve well compared to their antecedents.

1966 Dodge Polara 383 from North America


Great cruising leviathan


Needs the rear brake drums replaced, and probably the system bled. Sometime nothing happens when I push the brakes, and I have to pump them to get them working again.

Seats are shredded, but still rather comfortable with a cover.

Inside lights won't turn off, shouldn't be hard to figure out.

General Comments:

I found this car on craigslist and knew I had to have it. I got it with 93k miles, essentially rust free, for 1100. Despite the brakes needing serious work, I drove it 180 miles home through narrow windy mountain roads just fine.

The power of the 2bbl 383 is more than smile-inducing, and it's surprisingly nimble for such a huge car. It'll go where you point it and lean into large curves. I can steer it with my pinky finger, really! This car is in great condition for being 41 years old. The engine runs perfect and will really put a smile on your face when you punch it on the freeway. Great for burnouts, and even better at enjoying long stretches of freeway. It'll cruise at 90mph just fine. The car came with dual exhaust and glasspack mufflers, sounds amazing.

The shocks are worn, but it's still pretty smooth. You don't really feel the bumps in this. The large bench seats are torn up, but with a cover they're still very plush and comfortable. This is a great road trip car. More than enough leg room of course! The trunk is huge, it can fit 5 laundry baskets easy. The carpet is still good, and the dash isn't cracked.

All the electronics still work. Including the horn and AM radio. It's nice having simple mechanics that you can figure out quickly. Gas mileage is rubbish as to be expected. I get about 15 highway tops, and about 10 in town. That's if I'm driving lightly, which is hard to do in this beast. It gets a lot of looks, because you don't see many of these cars around. Overall a fun, and increasingly rare car. Great car if you don't mind the gas. I plan on repainting it so what little rust it has doesn't grow, and having the seats re-upholstered. After that I'd like to put a 4bbl carb and new intake on the engine, get headers, and high performance camshafts. I expect it should have around 400hp with that.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2007