1966 Dodge Polara 500 383 4Barrel from North America


Drive '66 Dodge Polara 500, you'll love it!


No problems with the car, just normal maintenance.

General Comments:

This is a great car. It looks like brand new, and drives wonderfully. The quality of the Polara is evident, as it is 39 years old. My car is a 500 model, which gives it improved handling and braking.

The only con about this car is that it gets poor gas mileage due to the large engine.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2004

31st Dec 2004, 09:27

I don't think this is a legitimate review. Only 30K miles on it when it was 30 years old?

And he rates it 10/10 in everything including reliability and operating costs which is just ridiculous.

31st Dec 2004, 18:12

I purchased this car from the original owner in 1996. I suppose that the miles on the odometer could possibly be more than what it reads, if the car had gone over 100,000 miles. I believe that the odometer is only capable of going to 99,999 miles, and then reverts to all zeros. But, all I know is what it read when I got it.

The running costs of a car consist of not just gas and oil. The insurance costs are very low, and thus poor gas mileage is not such a bad thing. Furthermore, this car is not required to complete emissions testing, and registration is very low in cost. So, the total cost of running this car is quite good when compared to the cost of licensing and insuring my Lexus.

As for reliability, this car has only let me down two times. Once, the coil wire came loose, and the car wouldn't start. I plugged it back in and it was fine. The second time, my fuel pump gave out close to home. This is a very reliable car, especially considering its age.

Lastly, the steering is very smooth. I have let my friends drive it, and they all comment about the smooth feel. The wheel seems to endlessly turn before it comes to the stop, one way or the other. It is effortless to drive.

1968 Dodge Polara 318 2 bbl from North America


A True American Road Warrior


Transmission failed, then the torque converter on rebuilt transmission failed.

Variety of electrical problems, including loss of dashboard lights and brake lights.

Exhaust system replaced twice.

General Comments:

For a first car, it will always be the best car. The car was 4 doors, army green with a flawless black vinyl top. The body had some rust spots on the rear quarter panel, but nothing major. The rear black vinyl seat were via a 1967 Dodge Monaco.

The car started almost all the time, even in winter. The car was driven every day to school and work. Steering was ridiculous, with the big, thin 20 foot steering wheel, but transmission fluid doubled as power steering fluid.

The car initially burned a little oil, and in hard acceleration (like a race) would crop dust like a corn farmer in the Midwest.

The car ALWAYS got complements from co-workers, neighbors, friends and strangers. The end came when car started leaking oil excessively, then the oil light stayed on even when the car was full of oil. Drove the car for 3 months with the oil light on. Used to put a oil can under the car to catch leaking oil when car was parked, and pour it back in when it was going to be driven. Excessive oil leak got up 12 quarts a week (2 5 gallon containers of Sears oil and 2 quarts).

Junked the vehicle only because of it's age. The car ran perfectly, even on its way to the junk yard. RIP Polara!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2004

5th Nov 2005, 10:34

My father bought a 72 base 2 door Polara new when I was in the service. It was dark green with a 2 tone green interior. I think he paid $ 3,400 for it. It didn't even have a radio in it. I put a radio in the dash around 1978, along with full hub caps. It came with small caps.

Whitewalls and full hub caps classed that car up 100%. Performance was always great with the 318 V-8. We owned the car til 1987, when it got hit. Totalled with 118K on the odometer. A really great car.