19th Aug 2005, 23:14

With a 383 4-Barrel it will go forever as long as there is gas. And 40 years on the road proves it!

6th Nov 2005, 20:13

I have had my Polara 500 convertible for 40 years. I bought it new, November 1965 and paid $3400. Had body repaired in 1984 and repainted. It now has 140,000 miles on it. I live near Albany, New York, so I only use it for two or three months in the summer.

I finally put new radial tires on it and that really improved the handling. For the last 5 years I decided each year I was going to sell it, but I take it out for a spin and I just put it back into storage again.

30th Dec 2005, 08:40

I also own a '66 Polara 500. Theres nothing I've ever driven that comes close to it. Theres only 73,000 miles. on mine at this time, and the ride is solid and smooth, the steering is easy. Maintenance is a breeze as everything is easy to get to. I don't have ANY complaints what so ever with it.

14th Oct 2006, 09:49

As the owner of a 1966 Polara 500, I'd have to say that it is one of the best cars ever built. It is solid, stable, with more than enough power. It now has 83,000 miles. on it, and everything works perfectly. I would also give it a 10 out of ten.

6th Jun 2007, 11:59

Hello.I'm looking for parts for my 1966 Dodge Polora 500. Does anyone know where I could buy parts for this car? Please e-mail me at makeupbydenise@hotmail.com

11th Feb 2008, 15:50

When I was a kid my parents bought a brand new '66 Monaco 4 door sedan - a gorgeous dark aqua with lots of chrome. We had that car until 71 and took it on the family vacation every year. A month out west. It was a fantastic travel car - spacious, comfortable, powerful - HUGE trunk. Luggage for 4 for a month - no problem! Once we were asked if it was a custom!

When it finally came time to trade it in, my mother and I were both so upset that we were in tears and made my dad drive around the block twice before we let him drive onto the dealer's lot!

We had a LOT of fun in that car - happy memories. I have been looking for one for years and have not found it...

12th Feb 2008, 09:23

I also remember those times in my parents 1966 Polara. They bought it new and we had it until 1972. My dad never maintained nothing, but that car was a trooper. It finally started bucking like a horse when it was driven, but it was so comfortable. My dad bought a 1971 Satellite Station Wagon to replace it. Dodge made good cars in those days. My 1993 Dodge Caravan has 195,000 on it and runs beautifully.

3rd May 2008, 17:26

It probably has 130,000 miles, which is reasonable for one of these old cars. Not everybody realizes that in those days they didn't bother with the "hundred thousand" digit on the odometer. However, I totally disagree that it is ridiculous to say that reliability and operating costs are 10/10. These cars were tanks and very reliable. I owned a 1967 Chrysler Newport with a 383 2-barrel, and it was totally reliable. As it never needed repairs, the operating costs were nil. Gas mileage was also not as bad as might be assumed by the un-initiated. My 383 Chrysler got 17 mpg, which is pretty great for a huge car with a large V-8.

15th Oct 2008, 23:00

Polaras rock! I have a 70 that is almost 39 years old, and it is a dependable car that starts every time, even in single digit weather.

It did have a rebuilt engine and transmission when I bought it a couple of years back. Since then, I've only had to replace the power brake booster for $400.00.

My insurance, full coverage, for the full NADA value of the car is only $75 -- I live where insurance is not cheap -- a month and my tags are $17 a YEAR.

The fuel economy is about the same as the modern SUVs that remain pretty popular, but my operating costs are sooo much lower than theirs.

Another perk with an older car is that there is more engine and less computer. The sensor replacement bill recently on my newer import car just about killed me, and that car still fools itself into thinking something is wrong with it. Long story short: even though the newer car is paid off also, the 70 Dodge is far cheaper and far more reliable, and *far more comfortable and head turning!*

18th Jan 2009, 22:04

My first Polara 500 was a 66' Red with White vinyl top car purchased while in the USAF in November of 1971 with 40,000 miles on it.

By July of 72' I was at 89,000 miles, with only tuneups and oil changes.

I got 16 mpg at 75 MPH, and 21 at 65 MPH, like clock work.

I sold it in 1975 and regret it to this day.

In 1999 I found a true Polara, two door hardtop with the 383 engine and 18,636 actual miles on it from an estate. They do still exist. I rebuilt the brakes, bought a battery, and now I am up to 22,610 miles.

The car is a dream to drive, as was my last one.

There are 20 old mopars in the garage now, and the Polara is still the one I travel in.

10th Mar 2009, 14:56

I had one long ago - with the 383 and a four-barrel Holley 750 - fast and fun - very reliable when I owned. 17 mpg until 70 mph, then 10 mpg. I would to find another one to restore some day.

Don in NH.

31st Mar 2009, 13:03

I believe that a 1966 Dodge Polara 500 is one of the best cars ever made. Smooth, stable, dependable, and built to last. I've owned a 500 for five years, and have had a blast with her. With 63000 miles. when bought, to 83000 on it now, there hasn't been any trouble. Beautiful and powerful. "There's no replacement for cubic displacement"

18th Mar 2010, 16:55

Dad's 65 Polara 440 slant six 3-tree was what I learned to drive on, the 67 Polara 500 slant 6 PS PB nearly shot us thru the windscreen as my Mum drove it down a hill. Her car (64 Canadian Valiant, didn't have PB.

I RESTO'D A 67 Monaco big block 318 convert, loved that car. One I would like to get is the '65 880 6 light sedan.

I haven't seen one since '65 @ our holiday resort, I was only 7, but I loved it.

Since coming back from the U.K., I've had 2 67's, a Polara fastback 500 and a Monaco sedan. Loved them all.


10th Oct 2010, 20:03

I have just bought six months ago, a 1966 Dodge Polara Station Wagon. I had a 66 4 door sedan when I first came to this country (Canada) in 1971, and loved it. This one has a 2 barrel, 318 engine, power steering, just the basics, that's what I wanted. It's got over 100 thousand miles on it, and it runs great.

I have only seen one other Dodge Polara Station Wagon, and that was on the net in California.

It's a great car to drive, the steering is light as a feather, the bodywork is in good condition. It could do with shock on the back and front.

The only problem is looking for spare parts for it, they're rare to find.

17th Sep 2011, 19:44

I am still looking for parts for my '66 Dodge station wagon. I am looking for a tyre cover for the inside spare tyre, and also the opposite side where the other ledge is that needs to be replaced also. I will accept your email at whgibson@cabletv.on.ca

30th Sep 2020, 22:12

I remember my dad had a 1968 Chrysler Newport; I felt the same way you and your mother felt when he got rid of it.