30th Oct 2006, 22:53

I just bought a 1968 Dodge Polara--the "cream puff XL" What a great car. It starts every morning and goes like a bat out heck when warmed up. I am a thirty year old woman... with a fascination for the older ones! I just bought it a month ago. She has a 383...and that is all I know. It is my project. I will know more after the tune up...

I get tons of compliments on it--even with the awful gas prices---only getting about 12 mpg--yikes. Good thing I have my 83 Toyota Corolla!

I drive it to work and school... and could put eight people in it if I wished to.

I feel lucky having a piece of history parked outside... just want to keep it rolling along--


28th Dec 2008, 09:03

In 2001 brought home a 1970 Dodge Polara convertible project car. In January 2004 it was put on the road and is now one of my weekend cruisers. It's a rare vehicle with only 842 1970 Polara convertibles ever built. Relatively few people have heard of a Dodge Polara let alone seen a convertible. The car is huge and gets a lot of attention and thumbs up, particularly when cruising with the top down. My other weekend cruiser is a 1968 Monaco 500.

26th Dec 2010, 14:59

I remember a baby sitter of mine had one when I was about 7 years old, and the two memories I have of it are, because it was a 68, it had no air conditioning obviously, and because it had leather seats, you would stick with sweat to the seats.

The other memory of it that I had was because the car was older, the sparkplugs were exposed and not concealed, allowing water to touch them. Therefore, after going through a car wash, it took 15 minutes for the spark plugs to dry enough for the vehicle to start.

Because this was back in '83, I don't remember a lot of the car other than this, and the fact I am surprised anyone could see over that massive steering wheel. But for anyone to have had a 68 Polara in 83, tells me they liked it.

26th Oct 2012, 15:34

In my younger years I owned a 1964 Dodge Polara. It had a beautiful black exterior with a light blue interior. It had a 383 cubic inch motor with a 4 speed transmission, which I found out later was very rare. What I would give to have the old Mopar back.