1985 Dodge Power Ram 4x4 318ci from North America


Powerful and tough, nothing beats it


Nothing besides oil changes and a little bit of rust.

General Comments:

Smooth ride and extremely powerful while in motion.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2012

1993 Dodge Power Ram D350 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel from North America


Best truck I ever owned



General Comments:

Super reliability, extreme pulling and towing power, best mileage I've ever seen out of a full sized dually diesel.

After we first got it, I filled it up and drove it 100 miles, and refilled, calculating the mileage. The truck got 28 miles per gallon on the highway, 24 in the city, and 19 pulling a 24ft 5th wheel.

Won't buy anything but Dodge diesels from here on out. Super truck!

My truck is a 1 ton, full sized, long bed, 4x4 king cab, dually diesel; the big boy.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2010

1987 Dodge Power Ram W-150 318 or 5.2 from North America


Hard to find a parts truck, all the ones from this year seem to still be on the road


Cracked windshield.

Minor body rust.

Idiot before me cut a hole in the bed to put in an imitation semi-stack.

New muffler and tail-pipe needed, luckily the fool did not get rid of the catalytic converter.

New steering wheel; goofy guy as mentioned above put a tiny steering wheel on, it had to be replaced.

New looking clutch, however sticking clutch pivot points... I lubed them and they started working fine.

Parking brake was seized. Sprayed parts with penetrating fluid, and it worked itself free, and now works fine.

General Comments:

Used to tour as a professional musician for over twenty years. Drove all over North America, and after killing a few different vans, found that Dodge really seemed to last the best.

Had one 1977 Dodge One-Ton that traveled over 100.000 miles with a total cost of $600 in parts, but not including oil changes and tires.

So have been looking for older Dodge in reasonable shape.

This one is factory duel fuel gas/propane aka LPG.

Crappy mileage, but in Canada propane is quite a bit cheaper than gasoline.

Costs a little less per kilometer than my previous car, a Jeep Cherokee 6-cylinder, but I have way more room.

Has heavy-duty four speed manual transmission with super low granny gear.

Came with Warn manual hubs and Rancho shocks, American Racing rims and Pro-Comp tires.

Passed aircare on propane amounts that were so low that many categories said 0.00% or 0 PPM.

Oil was so clean and golden after the first 5000 km, that I was reluctant to change it.

Am sold on propane. Spark plugs look brand new, oil doesn't seem to get dirty, it is cheaper, and the fact is it pollutes a lot less.

Plus propane is a byproduct of natural gas refining, and Canada is more than self-sufficient... it exports the great majority of the propane it produces.

Clean, cheap (in Canada), and domestically produced fuel... I call it guilt free 4x4-ing.

That's what I bought it for; it goes offroad... it gets muddy.

It does have some not too bad rust that I am fixing one patch at a time...

I don't care if it is pretty, it is a beast.

Came with a pretty badly cracked windshield that I replaced right away.

Everything works and works well... not my first 4x4 or Dodge product, and I do all my own repairs.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2010

1984 Dodge Power Ram Custom 5.2L 318 from North America


One tough machine


The head gasket blew shortly after I bought it, but that could be expected after 22 years of farm work.

Steering shaft replaced, but again it drove through fields for 22 years.

General Comments:

I loved this truck. I bought it from the people I worked for, who bought it brand new December 26, 1983. It wasn't driven off the farm very much at all. I pulled, pushed, dodged and rammed things with it, and it kept on going.

Wasn't the fastest by any means or the most powerful, but it tried to do anything you asked it. The motor seemed it would run forever. I would buy another in a heart beat.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2010