1990 Dodge Power Ram Custom 318 from North America


Very tough, doesn't make you walk


Steering worn out, steering shaft worn at gear box.

Tie rods worn out, ball joints, jack shaft, problems locking the front axles in by vacuum switch. Causing axle damage, wiring, oxygen sensor bad, overdrive not working, vacuum pump seized up.

General Comments:

This is a tough truck compared to the new ones today.

Some things on these Dodges should be recalled like the steering. At the knuckle by the gear box, they were all bad. Also the four wheel drive vacuum engaged did not lock in fully, causing axle damage.

The inside wiring to heater is too light, causing melted wires.

For the rest of the vehicle, it can take a beating & still go. The 318 is one damn good motor; will outlast the vehicle.

Also they all rotted at rocker panels & front fenders & back fenders on the box. Although worn out, it does the job.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2009

1990 Dodge Power Ram 250 318 from North America


The truck's truck


Well the paint falls right off of them and rusts out after a few years, but just cosmetic, nothing that can't be fixed with some bondo.

After sitting in my yard for 10 years, I had to replace gas, brake, and power steering lines, along with brake drums and calipers because the front calipers froze up.

The speedometer and odometer stopped working.

As with most old vehicles, the ceiling lining sags and needs some spray glue.

Lots of play in the steering, don't want to go over 60.

Front suspension has sagged.

General Comments:

Bad set up with the steering wheel really low and blocks the gauges, but they don't work anyway so it doesn't matter.

The motor is bullet proof, and started after ten years of serving as a snow bank in my yard. Reliable is an understatement.

Very rough ride when it is empty, but pile up a load in the bed and she rides like a Lincoln.


Very heavy truck. The turning radius is very low and it's near impossible to park without backing up again.

Seriously lacks power, even though it's a Power Ram.

Lots of space in the cab, and I'm 6'4".

A real work truck it was a stripped model to begin with, but we added a plow and some monster tires, all the work was done by myself in my dirt driveway. This ain't no clunker.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2009

1988 Dodge Power Ram 1500 318 c.i. from North America


A trusty truck


While I have owned my truck, the only problem I have had was the head gaskets went out on it.

General Comments:

I love the truck; it's a little rusty, but it handles and performs like a dream.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2008

1988 Dodge Power Ram LE 5.2L 318ci from North America


Unreliable, Unreliable, Unreliable


With this pile of junk, they should ask what hasn't gone wrong with this thing.

Entire brake job needed.

Steering box has to be replaced along with the shaft.

The engine horribly until I did a tune up and then it was OK. This included plug wires, plugs, distributor cap, rotor, air filter, etc.

The interior was in horrid shape - that's more from abuse though.

The oil pressure gauge had to be replaced, even then the oil pressure was always really low.

Oil pan gasket was replaced.

Emergency brake system replaced.

Rear lights didn't work properly nor did some of the turn signals - that was all fixed.

All four ball joints replaced.

Windshield replaced.

Pitman arm replaced.

All four wheel bearings replaced.

Front brake hoses and battery replaced.

Door speakers don't work properly.

The fan wiring was all screwed up and I constantly had to play with it.

Water pump blew up driving it home and had to be replaced.

I was driving one day and the damn thing just died on me. The starter would turn it over, but it wouldn't start. After about 20 minutes it would fire back up and run for about 5 minutes and die again. Took me about 4 hours to make a trip that should have been only 30 minutes. Turns out it was the fuel pump. I found this out after replacing the fuel pump relay, ignition coil, and a few other things I don't remember.

General Comments:

I had to fly out of town to get this truck because there was none for sale in my city. Turns out if I would have waited a couple months a good condition, w150 went for sale for a good price. Oh well, gotta learn patience.

The picture the used car dealer showed me of the truck was a masterpiece of not showing all the rust and dings all over that pile of junk. He completely lied to me of the condition of the truck. It was supposed to be in good condition and running order and it was completely the opposite. Something that was supposed to cost only around $4000 tops ended up costing me around $7000.

I should have just came home and not bought it, but I was stubborn and had spent money getting there so I took it anyways. I'll never get over that.

The 4x4 system worked well, the a/c was good, cruise was fine. Tailgate was messed up and had to pull those little tabs on each side to open it. Ran good after I spent all that money on it, but by then the fuel pump problem hadn't been sorted out yet and I didn't want to spend anymore money on it so I sold it for only $2500 - What the safety cost me.

I only used it for less than a year and other than driving it home from where I bought it from, I might have put 3 tanks of gas through it before I sold it. I am so glad I got rid of that thing. I was so hardcore for the Dodge Ram 4x4 before I got mine (some people I know had them and loved them), but I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Good ridance.

I lost about $5000 on this truck and I'm a university student. My only saving grace is that I'm about to receive a lot of money soon, so I can pay my truck debt off and finally forget about this nightmare once and for all.

One last thing, anybody reading this is going to think that all this money spent on it was from prior abuse. It was obviously abused, but in my opinion, only some of these things I replaced was from abuse, a lot of it was due to poor quality in craftsmanship and assembly. Things like the oil pressure sensor and steering box and drive shaft shouldn't wear out like that. Before I bought this truck, I never had a clue what it was like to feel stress and worry over money, thanks to that Dodge Ram, now I know.

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Review Date: 21st June, 2006

22nd Jun 2006, 15:52

Dude it's called an OLD TRUCK! For goodness sakes things happen as metal gets older! It's a little thing called rust

23rd Jun 2006, 00:19

From Original Author: There are a lot of little things that I didn't put in this review that went wrong with it, all having nothing to do with it 'being an old truck'. This was a 88' and so many things didn't work properly on it, simply because it was a pile of crap. I had a 1981 Grand Prix (I wrote a review for it here), that I drove until three years ago and everything worked just fine on it. So simply saying it's older doesn't mean that's the 'be all end all'. Then again, I never experienced a Dodge before. I guess their parts just don't last as long as other manufacturer's like GM.

1990 Dodge Power Ram W 150 5.2L 318 from North America


A well built work-rated truck


The steering shaft has been replaced twice.

The steering box has been replaced once.

Typical Dodge fender rust.

General Comments:

This truck runs very well for the mileage and the abuse it takes.

Gas mileage is OK, I normally get 13-14 miles a gallon.

Performance is good, it was built to work and it does just that. It tows with very little power loss and when off-road very seldom gets stuck.

The stock suspension is stiff and it rides like a truck, but that's what it is.

All in all, the best Dodge, and vehicle I have owned.

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Review Date: 28th December, 2003

1991 Dodge Power Ram W 250 5.9L V8 from North America


A simple machine. Easy to maintain, and keep road worthy


Front propeller shaft.

Fuel pump.

Standard Upstate NY rust/rot.

General Comments:

I've owned a truck from each of the Big 3 manufacturers, and I wouldn't buy any other truck besides a pre-94, or 2003 Heavy Duty.

A breeze to work on, and the engine compartment is like a mansion, not too many scraped knuckles along the way.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2002