20th Feb 2006, 06:50

I own an '89 with all the same problems. I am working on a fix for the inclinometer. I think the fluid inside is mineral oil and hope the unit is resealable. If you found a fix for the heat problem please share.

This is my favorite off-roader next to a Hummer (Mil-Spec).I first test drove the Raider in '88 and owned a '87 for two years (burned) now own a '89 V6 and love it.

9th Apr 2006, 15:49

I have an 87 Dodge Raider. I have just replaced the cracked head. After getting it all back together, it starts great, but after it warms up it seems to cut out every once and a while. I have rechecked the vacuum hosesthey seem to be correctly placed, but I am having a hard time getting a good diagram. The muffler and connection between the converter were also both shot and I had to replace them. I am having a real difficult time finding the correct parts. but my main concern is the engine cutting out after it gets warmed up any ideas what I did wrong?

7th Jun 2006, 21:12

I own a 1989 Dodge Raider and it has been a pretty fun project for me, however, finding parts has been somewhat of a struggle too. I also had the same problem with the wipers getting stuck and burning the motor. I had that fixed already. I also just recently added freon to it and the A/C blows COLD. So that is a plus. The only thing I need to fix now is the fuel tank leak. I have been trying for months to locate someone with a fuel tank for it and have not been able to. I purchased one from someone else, but it did not fit. I guess it has to be from the exact same Raider or something. I have never had any problems with the heater or inclinometer, in fact I have an extra one somewhere here since I bought another meter bundle because I thought the oil pressure gauge did not work. It turns out it was the wire that connects to the oil pressure switch. Anyway, if anyone out there has any tips on where to get parts easily, shoot me an email: markalehmann@yahoo.com.


3rd Sep 2008, 13:06

I just recently bought a Dodge Raider 1989 V6 5spd 135k miles with a blown head gasket for 400$... took me almost 3 years to find one it was well worth the wait :)

For the Raider owners having problem with heater check your thermostat maybe it was stuck at an open position.

Here are the symptoms your gonna notice

Inside heater takes a while to heat up.

Temp gauge takes a while to get to normal operating temp.

Hope that helps.

22nd Dec 2008, 11:13

I love my V6 89 Raider! I have had problems with it, but that's to be expected with an engine that has 170K miles.

I find that if you fix it yourself, your $400 fix usually costs about 20 i.e. the front main crank seal cost me $5 bucks and 3 hours of time... the engine is actually easy to work on. They are known for oil leaks in the earlier models, but that's fixed with updated seals / gaskets.

Here's a link to a info page on your 3.0 V6 http://www.aa1car.com/library/2003/us100344.htm

If you have any other questions / problems e-mail me at thump08@gmail.com.

12th Feb 2009, 12:19

I have a 89 Dodge Raider, and I replaced the crankshaft seal twice and it still leaks, please advise, thank you!!!

22nd Aug 2009, 18:25

I have a 1989 Dodge Raider. It runs for a little, then stalls and won't start for a half hour or so. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel pump assembly, and also distributor. Any ideas?

3rd Sep 2009, 11:32

If your Raider is cutting out when it is wet or raining out check the distributor or your spark plug cables. Mine had the same problem and that was the fix both times. Hope this helps. I sadly just sent mine to Raider heaven courtesy of the "cash for clunkers" program. One of the hardest things I've ever done.

4th Nov 2009, 15:46

I have a 1987 Dodge Raider 2.6 carberated engine, which I put in from a Dodge Pickup of similar era. The engine started and worked fine, but dies off as if starved from fuel. I had the fuel pump checked, and it works fine.

When I remove one of the hoses running from the pump to the carburetor, it starts up for a few minutes and dies again. Seems like a problem with fuel lines or something. Any ideas?


11th Nov 2009, 10:04

I just bought a 1989 Dodge Raider for $300. The thing runs and drives, so I didn't do too bad. When driving for awhile, the engine loses power, and will stall when you stop. The guy before me put a new fuel pump, and tank on. I replaced the distributor, rotor, and new plugs and wires. A/T temperature light stays on, never goes off. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what causes this, any ideas???

11th Nov 2009, 20:00

For everyone with stalling problems, the coolant sensor air temperature sensor are known for going bad. I had the same problem with my Raider. It turned out to be the air temperature sensor: which tells the ECM the air temperature. This helps with the fuel mix. If it is bad, you will have poor gas mileage, and stalling problems. The air temperature sensor is in the intake by the air filter. That's how it is on my 89 Raider. Hope that helps.

22nd Aug 2010, 22:22

I have an 89 Dodge Raider in great shape. It has a V6 in it, but it says 3000 on the intake upper plenum. After removing heads and replacing two bolts that broke off, I put everything back together; all new gaskets and bolts. It wouldn't start. After looking into it, because it sounded out of timing, I found that my motor might have a different firing order. Usually it's 1-3-5-4-6-2 I think, but they were saying Mitsubishi made not the 3.0, but the 3000 which has a firing order of 123456. I have tried this new order and it turns over really smooth now, no shaking or popping. But it won't start. Timing light to it is on. Gas seems to have plenty of fuel. And I did a compression check and it passed quite well. Any ideas?

I love these Raiders. Mine has a potomkin stamp or plate put on it saying something was fanged on it, I don't know what. The fender says Dodge, but the tag in the door says Mitsubishi. How do I know which firing order it is? Thanks.

16th Sep 2010, 21:12

I have a 1988 Raider 2.6 gutless wonder. I love this truck. Bought it about three years ago from my brother. No rust, bad inside. It sat out in a field for two years, animals got to it. Found a parts truck, pulled all the carpet cause it stunk bad. Now I have a fun little tough 4x4. Just like the rest of the 2.6's, it leaks oil. My problem is, I have no overdrive. I have wires ripped apart under the truck that definitely go to the tranny. 2 green, 2-white and grey, 2-blue and white. Any ideas?