19th Aug 2014, 23:56

I have a 1989 Dodge Raider automatic 2-door. It starts great, but when it warms up, it cuts out and dies. The thermostat reads within a good temperature, but the engine overheats and dies. I've had this problem before, and the mechanic I took it to replaced the rotor and distributor cap. That seemed to fix the issue for the time being, but now it's acting up again. The previous owner regularly changed the fluids and filters.

21st Apr 2015, 09:43

Yeah. I've got an 89 V6 2 door, modified a little for offroad in pretty good condition for the age. Engine's rebuilt, lifted, wider wheel footprint for stability, service record maintained since it came off the line, same mechanic for 15 years etc... I love this truck. Found we have to fabricate or bastardize other vehicles for parts lately though...


Rain / humidity and the no start...

She's been running fine. Rain / puddles / snow. No problem. All winter. Up in the mountains in like 0 degree weather.

Had it out in a rainstorm this morning down in NYC. Pulled in for gas, and the engine wouldn't restart.

You could hear the starter kicking. And the engine just starts misfiring... Trust me, I checked all the wires, the coil, the cap etc...

Has anyone ever had this problem with these old trucks before? And if so, what was the diagnosis? Water under the cap, the ignition wire has moisture etc, etc, bad electronics etc?

Any advice would be much appreciated, because once it dries out, it will turn start again. It's happened before. I would just rather replace the part than spend 6 hours diagnosing it.

14th Nov 2015, 21:35

We have an '88 Raider, and it runs beautifully. Parked it for the summer/fall, as it's only used for plowing snow (plow on the front), and now the ONLY light on is the door open light. No click to start, no lights, power inside except that one light. Possibilities???

Have followed the power back and forth, and it's all getting power, battery is fine. Just can't understand it. No animals chewed it up, no doors ajar etc.

Ideas? Thanks.


3rd Jan 2016, 08:27

I have an 89 3.0L and I rebuilt a donor motor from the same year, but I can't get it running. I have fuel compression and ignition?!? The timing marks on the cams and the crank all match up, and when they match up, the distributor sits on cylinder 1, so I'm not 180 out of timing.

Please... any help.


23rd Dec 2016, 23:47

I just purchased an 89 Raider and it runs very rich in fuel, especially when in park. I just replaced the fuel injectors and that doesn't seem to be the problem.

Has anyone had this problem or know what might be causing this?

13th Mar 2017, 08:58

Sounds like the same thing mine did once. It was the gas overfill filter thing, not sure of the exact name, but it happened when I overfilled the tank; maybe water's getting in there?

20th Mar 2017, 22:38

I had the V6 rebuilt and everything lines up, but can't get the timing set. What did you find out???