1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 from North America




When looking up the reviews on my truck and see people degrade Dodge, I felt the need to have to explain something. I can't let my boy go just go down like that. I've owned my truck for 15 years, and I'll tell you what, I've put it to the test living in the mountains. Never not once have I had any problems. My truck has been the most reliable durable truck I've ever had. I take care of it and it takes care of me. If you want something to last and get the most from it, you have to maintain it! Maintenance is required. I could see how a person could be disappointed when they run their vehicles into the ground and blame it on the vehicle, when they should be blaming it on themselves. When people around here get stuck in the mud and snow, I'm the one they call. That's my boy!

General Comments:

That's my boy, 10 out a 10.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2022

15th Jan 2023, 16:31

I don't think people degrade any manufacturer on here, they are just honest about faults and the costs to fix them in the real world. I hate reviews that say "I got 500,000 miles with no faults" but yes you are right I also don't like reviews that just say "This car is terrible" with no details whatsoever.

Balance is key with everything, the reviews are pretty much split 50/50 on here in regards to positive/negative reviews across most popular manufacturers, when you look at the better detailed reviews. Try and find some middle ground is all I say, and look for patterns in reviews, ignore the short or poorly written reviews.

1998 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 5.9L V8 from North America


Very good 4x4 truck



- Valve seat/seal (1) & fuel injectors (8) @ 218k miles

- Alternator @ 227k miles

- Fuel pump @ 249k miles

- AC compressor @ 257k miles

- LF ball joint @ 251k miles

- RF wheel bearing @ 263k miles.


- Window switches < 210k miles

- Power seat switch < 210k miles.

**Before I got it:

- Trans rebuild (130k miles?)

- Rear-end rebuild

*** Note that previous owner used it for logging (hauling timber off road most of the time!!!)

General Comments:

Very reliable as I consider the repair items normal for its age. Starts instantly and immediately is ready to go - no waiting for warm-up like the Jetta or my old Pathfinder. More like my wife's Accord.

More reliable than my 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T.


- Very good off-road (really OFF road - not simply just off pavement). Very good 4x4 truck. Solid axle is a help here, I believe.

- Radio/CD/cassette is quite good.

- Fold-down center seat console is great.


- Brakes are mushy and weak.

- ABS does not disengage when in 4x4 which I do not like.

- AC not great - it's okay.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2008

1998 Dodge Ram SS/T 5.9L V8 from North America


Sexy and fun


It's running a little bad right now cause I need my throttle body cleaned.

General Comments:

This truck is real fun to drive and gets many rubber neckers. Mine is a 1998 that's in really good condition, I was lookin for a truck that no one had and I did research on the SS/T and found out that they're really rare. I had to have one.

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Review Date: 17th March, 2008

1998 Dodge Ram 5.9L diesel 3/4 ton turbo from North America


Love my truck


I have had problems with the torque converter clutch and had the throttle position sensor replaced.

Received Technical Service Bulletins Ref# 18-02-99 Date of Issue Feb. 19,1999. My truck has 115,000 miles with regular maintenance, IE oil changes, transmission checked and now it is surging again, with last replacement 7/14/05.

What is going on? And am I supposed to drive this truck into the ground? I haul a 3 horse aluminum slant load trailer and a flat bed to pick up hay once per year. Surely this problem is common, because this truck has been maintained like a baby and is paid for, and should in theory run for another 100,000. Can you guide me for some resolution?

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2006