2nd Jun 2001, 18:53


My 1999 Dodge4x4 Quad-cab has 30,000 kilometers on it.

Since the day it was delivered it has used anti-freeze, not leaked, but ingested. The fan and water-pump were replaced first then the heater-core as it was pumping anti-freeze into the cab. They changed the oil 2 weeks ago and now the oil is a litre high and the recovery tank for anti-freeze is a litre low. Tomorrow it is going in to hopefully find out the problem. A retired mechanic figures it is a shot head gasket. Anybody else had these problems?

After 2 years driving I put in Slick-50 and made up my own cold air induction and get 24.5 mpg highway.

Thank you

John Beagan

Owen Sound, Ontario.

2nd Nov 2001, 08:49

My 2001 quad cab 4x4 with the off road package has been very disappointing. It has had problems since 8,000 miles, the list includes steering box, steering shaft, steering column, track bar, shocks, and a leaking transfer case. I feel the steering box is going bad again, but the dealer says that it is within specifications. Although they haven't tried driving it at highway speed on a windy day.

Jon Hoffman


3rd Feb 2004, 16:30

Regarding the Dodge that was ingesting antifreeze, I have just solved this kind of mystery on my 96 Ram. First, be aware that there is a gasket BEHIND the timing cover! This can leak slowly for a long time, causing your reserve over-flow to keep going down. Normally you would think that it must be a blown head gasket, but check that gasket first! To make matters even stranger on my truck there was a factory defect in the over-flow reserve molded tank. A very small pin hole went between the down-tube on the side and connected to the inner chamber near the fill line. The result of all this, was disappearing coolant from the radiator, could not see any leaks, symptoms just like a head gasket problem. To check if you have the pin hole in the reserve tank, remove the overflow hose from the radiator and with the overflow tankful of water blow air into the hose, check to see if your getting air bubbles from the bottom where you should.

7th Nov 2004, 05:55

For all you guys with the rear end problems and ball joint problems. If you put over-sized tires on the truck, all these problems will appear within 10,000 miles. Stick to the original size tire. It will save you a lot of money down the road. My 2500 has 93,000 miles without any problems at all.

And for the overheating problems, some of these trucks had defective radiator caps. Replace them with new ones, and you will not lose any coolant.