2005 Dodge Ram Pickup SL 4.7L from North America


Very disapointed, will not buy another


This truck is a base model quad cab 4x4 with the 5 speed auto tranny and the 4.7l v8. I loved the styling of the truck and it was in my price range.

1. Battery failed, dealer reimbursed me for the cost of an aftermarket replacement.

2. brakes now squeak all the time.

3. Transmission slow to shift into drive when vehicle is cold.

4. Vehicle does not warm up fast enough on a cold winters day, 25 minutes of idling and the interior is still too cold.

5. Clunking sound from front end if brakes lock up when coming to a stop at a slippery intersection.

General Comments:

Granted, I bought the truck used and I have no idea how the previous owner treated it, plus I have no record of any service having been done to it before I purchased it. Since buying it I have had all the regular service done.

I know I need the front brake pads replaced, probably due to all the city driving the previous owner did, but the tranny and heat issues are unacceptable.

The 4.7l is underpowered for a truck this size and weight and gets poor mileage. I would have bought the hemi if I could have afforded it at the time.

The 5 speed tranny is useless with the 4.7l. You really have to "put your foot into it" to make it shift down when merging into traffic, be careful though, put your foot into it 1/2 inch too much and the tranny drops 3 gears and all your doing is screaming the motor!

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2007

24th Sep 2008, 16:41

I have an 04 with the Hemi, And I can definitely say your truck must have issues, I get heat blowing out of my vents within two minutes of driving, before the gauge even moves.

12th Nov 2009, 04:38

Try have your thermostat replaced, that could be your heating problem.

2005 Dodge Ram Pickup 3500 Laramie Regular Cab 5.9 Cummins from North America


The best truck money can buy


At 80,000 mile the transmission, clutch, a "U" joint, and most of the rear end all went. The truck was still drivable and the dealer replaced everything under the extended warranty.

General Comments:

This truck has the Cummins with a manual and the 4:10 rear and it has LOTS of power. Very fast and will pull any thing.

Fuel economy is very good when not towing, I have seen 20 mph if you keep it at 55 15-18 mph at true highway speeds. 10-15mph when towing.

Very comfortable great interior and a great looking extirior. Cannot figure out how to work the satellite navigation, but so what.

I have an 2006 as well and when the two trucks sit next to each other people cannot stop staring with envy (Both are 3500 regular cabs with black paint). Cannot beat a Cummins or a Dodge, and Ford and GM should just stop trying.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2007

2005 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.7 V8 from North America


A Very Good Truck That Begs To Be Used


Nothing So Far, but Some Scratches In The Paint From Normal Work Ware.

General Comments:

Work Ethic-

This truck was bought to be a work horse, and a work horse it is. The truck has been put through it's paces as it has hauled trailers, been loaded with stone and other materials, and has often been off road.


It is a four door truck and I have had six adults inside of it and still had room. Many would not like the cloth seats or plastic dash, but it makes the vehicle easy to clean. Since the truck wasn't special ordered it does not have a CD player, which I would like to have. The AC is excellent and the sound system is wonderful.


It has the 5.7 Liter Hemi which I have yet to have a problem with. With lighter trailers you would not know you even had a trailer on. Even weighted down, the 5.7 still has good get up and go. Gas mileage is 15 mpg not towing and 13 mpg with a trailer. Not good, but with the power this truck puts out it levels the low gas mileage out.


The truck is sharp looking in a silver paint job with chrome wheels and bumbers.

I have scratched the truck, but other than that it looks very imposing.


This truck is a good truck for people who will use it to its full potential, but other than that I would not get this truck (or any other full sized truck) if you are not going to use the truck for what it was made to do...Work!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

8th Feb 2008, 18:15

Your truck may beg to be used, mine begs to get out of a service bay. If your pickup runs long enough for you to enjoy it, don't count your blessings, you're a rare Dodge owner. If my year old pickup would stay running long enough to make the 3 mile drive to the Toyota dealership, I'd be rid of it already.

9th Apr 2009, 23:48

Yeah, go buy a Tundra, which is basically a Camry with a bed on it!! LOL, in other words, a poor excuse for a truck that will just have more expensive problems!!

Stick with the American trucks, which are are actually built for work, not just a smooth ride. How many Toyotas do you see being used by companies?? Not a whole lot, at least here in Wisconsin, all you see is Dodges, Fords and Chevys.

2005 Dodge Ram Pickup Daytona 5.7 from North America


Everyone needs to own at least one


None, Absolutely Perfect.

General Comments:

By far the torque alone will rip your passengers head off leaving it in the back window of the truck absolutely incredible performance. GOD BLESS THE HEMI!!!

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006

13th Jan 2006, 15:00

Very uh, inspiring review. Gonna go buy one now... uh huh yep... Heading out the door right now.

Uh oh wait, I don't trust chrysler drivetrains. I'll stick with what I have thanks.

10th Aug 2006, 14:44

I have a 2005 4wd 2500 with the cummings turbo diesel. I've had a chance to tow a 9000 lb. camper behind it from Dallas to Missouri. It's a flatbed so I hauled a large 4-wheeler and a couple of 300 gallon empty water tanks on the back also on this trip. Going through the hills of Arkansas on I-30 the truck did not know a hill! I put her in 6th gear (as its six-speed standard transmission in it) and pushed the cruise control button at 70 mph. I've been very happy with this truck. Ill let you know however, just before this one I bought a 2001 4wd with an automatic trans. and it would pull the same camper from a stop up a good hill, but I could'nt get her beyond 20 mph. until over the hill I went. That one got traded after one month for the one I'm happy with now.

29th Apr 2007, 23:15

I have an 05 Rumble Bee and absolutely love it. I have had 3 ford f150s - the most recent being a 2005 loaded fx4 - in the past and they can't touch the quality of this truck. The power is unbelievable and its wild on wet roads. It's at 30000 km and no probs LOVE this truck never want to sell it!