3rd Nov 2010, 15:56

I have an 01 Dodge 1500 4X4 5.9! She has 160000 mile on it. Runs like a champ.

Has had problems; replaced the coil 3 times, water pump, new front-end, replaced ball joints and u joints, but they don't last forever! No problems with the transmission!

Wouldn't trade her for anything! Does everything I want it to do; pull, off-road, and play!

9th Nov 2010, 20:02

I have a 2001 Ram 1500 quab cab with the sport package. It's been a great truck!

I added a 3" body lift to fit the 315 tire. Those of you thinking yours got bad mileage... but who buys a truck expecting 25 MPG?

I put a tranny in at 95,000 but this truck gets a lot of work.

Sorry to hear that some people have had a bad experience. I don't know if I am one of the lucky ones, or if people only respond when things are going bad.

13th Nov 2010, 21:21

I give up.

2001 Dodge Ram Sport Quad Cab with 203000 km.

Bought used 2004 with remaining warranty (thank god).

1 month in, the rear end goes. Done by Dodge.

6 months later, the tranny goes. Done by Dodge. Used to spin the tires easily, not anymore as it has less power.

All front end parts replaced. Some twice in 6 months, sway bar tie rods, ball joints, tune up (normal), still idles rough, rear brakes and drums with lines (rusted).

Now needs power steering box, power steering pump.

Exhaust rotten, leaks coolant at frost plugs.

Front right wheel damper (hit big bump on highway doing 100km per hr and went into gravel; good thing the brakes worked). 3500 estimate and climbing.

Never used off road except winter.

I give up. Nice to look at, but not worth the expense. Went to look at a Tundra; nice, and doing some research on a new Ram.

Once bitten, twice shy.

24th Nov 2010, 22:00

I've got a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab 5.9L. Bought it at 100000 km, no issues, at 140000 I had to change a rad hose. I'm at 164000. When it's cold the water pump squeaks a bit, other than that, it's been a great truck!

14th Dec 2010, 20:23

I own a 2001 Dodge Quad cab. The engine light and ABS light stays on while now the airbag light shows up now and then. Now it says check gauges. My worries are when I stop and take off I feel a thumping when I take off in rear end. Also I think it sounds like it's whining like it's stuck in 4 wheel drive. Also my dash is cracked too.

28th Oct 2011, 07:58

I am having the exact same problem, leaking on the bottom, but when I call the parts store, they all tell me that it is a dealer part, because that was something they thought would never break down... so it's off to the junkyard for me. I know how much they charge for dealer parts, and I go to school for mechanics, so I won't let anyone pull one over on me LOL... Hope you can fix yours, at least it is something simple :)