1999 Dodge Ram Van Elk Automotive Conversion 3.9L V6 from North America


A solid engine and drivetrain, frame self destructs in about 10 years


Serpentine belt, belt tensioner, water pump, steering pump, tires, ball joints (replaced by seller I bought from), tie rod ends, throttle position sensor.

Finally, the frame rotted out, even though the body and interior still looked brand new. Had to junk it.

General Comments:

Ran strong. Generally reliable mechanically, mostly "normal wear" maintenance for any vehicle with over 100k miles.

A frame completely rotting (all over, not just in spots) in 12 years is just unacceptable. The steering box ripped itself away from the rusted frame, and the van had to be pushed from inside a parking garage to where the tow truck could get at it.

I found out later that frame rot isn't uncommon for Dodge vans.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2012

21st Aug 2012, 22:30

Expect frame rot if you are living in the Northwest or anywhere they salt roads. Cars barely last 5 years if they are winter driven and not undercoated.

In the Pacific Southwest and Northwest, these vans last forever; I have seen much older ones with little to no body rust even.

22nd Aug 2012, 06:47

Is a '99 Dodge Van a full-frame vehicle, or is it 'uni-body'?

2nd Aug 2020, 08:06

All B-platform Chrysler vans from 1971-2003 were of unitized construction (unibody) to make them lighter and stronger than their American contemporaries (at the time). It also made the van's cargo floor a little lower.

2002 Dodge Ram Van 3500 5.9 from North America


The Dodge Ram Van is a nightmare


AC wiring connector burnt up, idler pulley fell apart, computer may be out; still trouble shooting.

All upholstery is coming off.

General Comments:

This Ram Van ran good for awhile, but now it is falling apart so fast it's hard to keep up with it.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2010