1986 Dodge Ram Wagon B250 Royal SE 318 c.i. from North America


I love my Dodge van!


Trans rebuilt in 2005. Nothing else has ever gone wrong.

I change oil every 3 months, and do all the regular maintenance.

General Comments:

This is the last year of the carburetor, so the performance and economy both increase in 1987. I have no complaints, but fuel injection would be a plus.

I just changed the original muffler Sept.08, and the catalytic converter is original.

The van is really clean because it has only seen one winter. This is one of the most reliable vehicles out there.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2008

23rd Jul 2010, 07:45

Wow, this is like my van... I have an 86 B250 Ram Wagon Royal SE. I too bought it in 1989 with 16,000 miles on it. I love my Dodge Van also. My only major repair was a rebuilt trans around 2002.

My A/C is ice cold still!

I have the 318 and I imagine the 87 fuel injection would be nice as compared to my carb, but it runs just fine so I'm satisfied.

Mine is two-tone blue. I put American Racing Smoothie wheels on it. I have 92,000 miles on it as of 2010. It has seen the last 2 winters only, and is very clean.

1989 Dodge Ram Wagon 350 5.2 from North America


Simple, bullet proof transportation


Differential replaced once at 120000k, bearings again at 200000k.

O2 sensor every 60000k

Fuel gauge stopped working at 230000k

Radiator at 250000k

Water pump at 180000k and 250000k

Dodge paint quality pealed when I bought it, and continues to peal and rust. Have rust on rear door and side door.

Two sets of front brake pads, one rear.

Throttle set motor.

Front end redone at 200000k.

General Comments:

Solid people mover. Very reliable. Fuel economy is 16 to 22 mpg; not too bad for the size of the vehicle. Ours was often loaded down with 12 people, and no problem. LIkes premium fuel or it pings a lot. It rattles and bangs, noisy at highway speeds and rides like a truck, but overall a great vehicle for simple transportation. They are top heavy so don't put roof racks on, and don't try fast cornering. It really doesn't die, just keeps on going and going. Parts are cheap to find and easy to work on.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2008

1995 Dodge Ram Wagon 1500 5.2 SMPI from North America


The big jolly fat guy that refuses to die!


Nothing major has gone wrong with this van in 60,000 miles except the front brakes had to be replaced. The AC also needs to be recharged.

The only complaint I have is it takes 25 dollars just to get a quarter tank with gas under 3 dollars a gallon.

General Comments:

Even for a big guy with a 5200 lb curb weight the 5.2 V8 will put you back in the seat at quarter throttle. The trusty ol' 318 never feels overworked or underpowered which is impressive for a vehicle with this many miles, and that has put up with plenty of abuse. I trust this van 100 percent, and I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007

29th Jul 2008, 12:39

I have a 1999 Dodge wagon, V-8 1500. My husband wants me to get rid of it. He thinks its to old. too big. and eats too much. I agree with you though. I want to keep her until either I die or she does!

28th Feb 2014, 20:46

Oh absolutely keep the old beastie; it may use more fuel, and be a little more inconvenient than a modern car (or truck/van), but its dependability will more than make up for it. Ever price out wheel bearings for a front wheel drive? How about CV-joints? Head gaskets, intake gaskets, computer modules, various sensors? A fuel leak in a modern car can set you back $1000(!) I've seen it. I'd rather keep my Ram Van (yes I have one) than risk that kind of expenditure.