1978 Dodge Ramcharger 6 cylinder from Netherlands


A big tonka truck!


The hardtop is leaking at the windows, I have to order new weatherstripping for it.

General Comments:

The ramcharger looks awesome, drives quiet and comfortable.

I would rather have the 318 engine, but the slant six does the job, although it is seriously slow.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

17th Oct 2007, 05:35

Picked mine up for $1000 cash with who knows how many miles.

Odo says 80k. was very neglected, but mostly all there 78 RC SE with 360 AT FT 4wd.

Replaced: Left rear brake complete and drum due to failure, emergency brake cable, all flexible brake hoses, front calipers, Battery, Saginaw steering box seals, all radiator hoses and clamps, spark plugs, wires, cap, Heater control valve and cable, headlamp switch, shocks, rear ujoints, turn signal switch, Dual plane manifold from single plane, corrected throttle and kick-down linkage, fix vacuum leaks-caps, fluids in the diffs, trans, trans-axle, adjust kick-down, new filter.

Lots left to go. been getting about 12 mpg so far.

1978 Dodge Ramcharger 360 4 Bbl. V8 from North America


One fantastic truck!


Had to replace the front floor pans, they often rust out on these convertible ram chargers.

Blew a rear drive shaft U-Joint.

New radiator.

New dual exhaust.

General Comments:

I love this truck! It's unstoppable, gets good mileage, runs beautifully, and is more comfortable than my parent's 2006 grand marquis.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2006

10th Mar 2006, 20:59

A 78 360 with a 4 speed cannot get good mpg.

10th Mar 2006, 21:20

I've owned a 1978 and a 1988 Ram charger, and the 1978 has a much smoother ride than the 88. all in all, the 78 is a better machine. and a blast to drive.

11th Mar 2006, 13:49

I would think that a 1978 360 2-barrel with a 4-speed, in a full time 4x4 truck, would probably get about 13 highway, 9 city. Somebody who owns one, please confirm that. My 1985 with the 318 automatic (not full time 4WD) gets max 18 mpg highway and 12 city, but usually more like 14 in mixed driving. The manual transmission ought to help, but the full time 4WD would knock that down. It may not be good, but is not significantly worse than the mileage being reported for relatively new 4x4 trucks by owners on here. I've seen several people talk about their 8 mpg 2004 Dodge 2500, Chevy Silverado, etc.

1978 Dodge Ramcharger 318 from Finland


Rugged durability, but must be well maintained


Manual transmission leaks oil. Can cause serious damage if not noted.

Removable steel top is rusted in most examples.

Universal joints in front end must be checked. the short outer front axle shafts hard to get.

General Comments:

Car is made of pure iron.

Fits easily with 32" tires, bigger ones need a lift kit otherwise will contact with front fenders when turned.

Because of short wheelbase, the ride can be jumpy with bigger tires. I do not recommend bigger than 31" if driven daily on highway.

Gas consumption is high especially with SMALLER engines. Prefer the 360cid or big block engine with 4-bbl carburetor.

This is attitude question. Daily driving average 15litres/100km or 15mpg (US).

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

31st Oct 2005, 14:44

I owned a 78 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4 for 10 years. All I can say is that Dodge should go back to their roots and build trucks like they built the 78 Ram Charger.

When I finally had to sell it, it was like the Lassie movie when Lassie didn't come home.

Best vehicle I ever owned.

26th Jan 2006, 10:20

I own A 78 dodge ram charger and I clear 33's, I am glad I put the 33's on instead of having the stock 31's with the 31's I couldn't go on the freeway because of the 4.10 gearing now I can with the 33s.