14th Apr 2006, 23:58

I have a 79 RC with a 360 4 speed with full-time 4x4, and it gets around 15-17 mpg with normal use. towing or off-roading is another story, more in the single digits.

15th Apr 2006, 15:25

Those of us who own Ramchargers care for two reasons: 1) we consider Ramchargers to be real 4x4's, not SUVs and 2) despite that, the anti-SUV bleeding hearts automatically attack trucks like ours as "old gas guzzlers". Therefore, we like to be able to say "Hey, our old trucks are not only more capable as 4x4's than these new so-called SUVs, but they really don't get any worse mileage." That is why we care about the mileage reports.

15th Jun 2006, 20:59

I have a 1978 440 ramcharger and get an average of 12 mpg.

16th Jun 2006, 13:32

No I don't hate your trucks or anything, in fact if I had a good mudding or 4x4 place around town, I'd consider an older dodge to go offroadin. But you cannot say things like this truck gets good mileage. It's just not true, it gets pretty bad mpg anyway you look at it. An I'm not bashing the truck, just your views on "good" mpg ratings.

17th Jul 2006, 15:06

Fair enough, no of course they don't get great mileage compared to economy cars, but they are not economy cars. The point is that they don't get substantially worse mileage than brand new full size or mid size SUV's and pickups, and in some cases they are better. In fact, my Ramcharger gets 14/18, which is exactly the value reported by EPA for a new 6-cylinder Wrangler, or Dodge 1500 pickup, etc. If you say that these old Ramchargers get bad mileage, you also have to say that virtually every SUV and pickup gets bad mileage, which is pretty much true. And before anybody brings it up, a Honda CR-V is not a real 4x4, and only marginally an SUV.

23rd Jul 2006, 16:05

You forgot to mention that all those new $X$ :P 4x4's have an entry fee north of $18000.00 dollars and all come with super spiffy $4k-8K dollar paint jobs and... aw shucks you went off road and did what... in your Cinderella truck and now look at it. :| looks like a herd of feral cats scratched the H#%ll out of your paint job and you still have how many payments left!

While the RC owner pulls out his trusty clacker can of flat black, brown or green and is done touching up the truck in minutes. :D.

And for all you Toyota boys out there, those are nice trucks and pretty capable too. Just don't forget where they learned the engineering from. That front axle is the same as the pre-74 dodges only scaled down.

Not that I mind riding in a 4x4 Camry. :D.

30th Oct 2007, 11:40

I just bought a 78 ramcharger with a fiberglass cap and enclosed cab. Were those caps aftermarket items? It has a 360 (not original) with an automatic transmission. Why does it downshift so often? Either way, I am keeping this one! It rides nice and looks great!

13th Mar 2009, 19:32

Add headers to those dual exhausts and replace the stock fan with an electric fan, that should help improve fuel economy even more if you drive gently around 80kmh/55mph. :)

May your Ramcharger give you many years of reliable service, I also have a '78 I'm restoring, funny how Ramchargers get better gas mileage than the Dakota based Durango.