1988 Dodge Ramcharger 150 LE 318 from North America


One big bad boy


I'm having tranny problems... slips in and out of gear... please help if anyone knows why... the fluid has been changed and synthetic tranny fluid has replaced the old fluid and it still doing it... Anyone?... Help?... If you think you can help, please leave a message on here... Thanks.

General Comments:

I like the truck.. it has everything I need and then some.. It has a bush guard and a 10,000 lb winch 318ci, and an auto transmission.. lots of room for those fishing trips..

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2010

24th Feb 2010, 11:33

Hi, I saw you comments on the Dodge RamCharger 1988 LE 360 engine V8.

Do you know the GCVC? (The maximum combined weight of the vehicle (including occupants and cargo) and the trailer)

How many pounds?

24th Feb 2010, 16:54

Regarding your question about the transmission slipping, if you're lucky it might only need a band adjustment. However, did you confirm that the new transmission fluid is the correct fluid? Dexron, Mercon, and other subtypes are all different. And new-fangled synthetic fluid -- who knows if it's compatible with the old Torqueflite, because they didn't know about such things as synthetic fluid back then. Did you also change the filter by dropping the pan? The procedure for adjusting the bands is easy enough, but it helps to have a Haynes Manual. You have to drop the pan for the higher gears, and the low/reverse band is on the side of the transmission. It's just a matter of using an inch-pound torque wrench to tighten a nut and turning a screw a specified number of turns. If none of that works, the transmission is probably just beat and needs to be rebuilt.

1988 Dodge Ramcharger LE 5.2L 318 from North America


It's a reliable truck that I would take anywhere


The headliner was sagging when I bought it. But I replaced it myself.

The driver side power window came off the track.

The gas mileage is not so great.

The lift-gate gas shocks were worn. But I replaced them.

General Comments:

The Truck has a lot of room.

It's not very fast but it has a lot of torque.

I have lots of future plans for this truck.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2008

1988 Dodge Ramcharger LE 318 ci 5.2L from North America


Best truck ever produced


Driver's side door leaks on new stereo system speaker.

Gets very low gas mileage everywhere.

Not very quick on acceleration, but can pull anything.

Nobody pulls out in front of you.

Head liner is gone.

General Comments:

All and all, the Ram Charger is the best SUV out there.

It is my first car; it is fun to work on, and see what kind of awesome classic truck I can turn it into.

I've always wanted one, and I finally got one and all the guys at school laugh at it, but I just challenge them to off road contest, and every time my truck pulls me through, and sometimes pulls them through too.

I look forward to turning this piece of art into the cowboy Cadillac I've always wanted.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2007

1988 Dodge Ramcharger LX 318 cu.in. from North America


Reliable if it would stop shutting itself off


1988 Dodge 4x4 engine stops running ever so often, without notice. Then it will not re-start for awhile (periods vary).

Have replaced fuel filter several times and problem continues.

Any thoughts of why this occurs?

General Comments:

I also tend to replace steering parts and u- joints.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2007

1st Mar 2009, 18:39

My 87 was doing the same thing 6 days ago. It was one of 2 things that fixed it. First thing was the solenoid on the fire wall near the battery; the plugs were rusty and corroded. I cleaned them and put them back on and the truck wouldn't start or do anything until I pushed the plugs in real tight. And as I was checking all around, I found a fuel hose near the tank had a small hole in it, so it was sucking air. Well I haven't had the problem yet.

9th Oct 2010, 16:18

Probably the pickup coil.