1990 Dodge Ramcharger LE 150 5.9L V8 from North America


Great truck, why did they stop making these?


She's getting old, so the acceleration isn't quite what it was, but the engine still runs like a rebuilt.

The odometer is stuck at 136588, but I just drove it from Jacksonville, NC to Ft Worth, TX with no problems. Very reliable.

As for comfort, the truck is nice to sit in, but turns into an oven in the summer, add the broken AC, and you'll start to bake.

General Comments:

A great truck, has a bullet-proof engine and transmission.

The only major repair I've done is a Borgeson steering shaft to remove about 4 inches of play in the steering wheel. Now the thing can turn on a dime and reminds me of a bull in a glass house. Such a short truck's great to maneuver in the tightest spots.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2006

1990 Dodge Ramcharger LE 150 5.9 liter EFI from North America


You can't beat a Dodge, except with a bigger Dodge!


Many parts have already been replaced on this vehicle before I bought it. The previous owner stated that the transmission was replaced a year ago and that the rear hatch lift struts, power window actuators, and fuel pump were replaced within the last two years.

So far, I have already or need to replace the following:

Headlights (they were dim, probably as old as the truck itself)

Water Pump (It leaks a bit of fluid)

Steering intermediate shaft (going to Borgeson shaft)

4x4 indicator light has a short that I need to fix so it does not blink intermittently when in 4 wheel drive.

General Comments:

I bought this truck just a few weeks ago with just over 190,000 miles on it, but you wouldn't guess it from the looks of it. The engine is clean and it purrs like a kitten. The Ramcharger is very fast and has a lot of giddy-up for one so old; due to the EFI, no carb. The engine is very throaty and I can hear the raw Mopar power when I gun it.

The vehicle is shockingly nimble for such a large SUV; approximately 5,000 lbs. Other than the loose steering around top center, this rig is very responsive to commands and it goes where I point it, as fast as I want it, and it brakes firmly.

Fuel economy is decent for a vehicle this old. It gets approximately 12 mpg in the city. I have not driven enough on the highway to really get an idea of its cross country performance, but the previous owner said about 14 mpg is the average; not bad at all.

The paint is in very good condition. It is shiny and only has a few dings on the door. The hood is the only place where the paint has faded a bit, but I have yet to see a Dodge/Plymouth SUV with OE paint that hasn't faded in that location.

The interior is immaculate, with only minor wear and tear on the carpet and controls. Hard to believe that the odometer reads 190,000+.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase. You can't beat a Dodge and this vehicle is living proof that they will never die!

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Review Date: 18th February, 2005

13th May 2006, 20:48

My 1985 Ramcharger Royal SE has 245,000 miles on it and is still going strong. Today I took it on a 300 mile highway trip and got over 18 mpg. In the winter with city driving, it will get about 12 mpg, and in mixed or short trip driving it gets about 14 mpg. That's with a 318, 2-barrel, 3-speed automatic, 4x4 set up.

1990 Dodge Ramcharger LE 5.9 from North America




Engine management computer went out first day I owned it. Rear hatch shocks are woefully undersized for the task. Steering coupler seems to wear fast, which may be due to oversize tires, inexpensive to repair.

General Comments:

This is one of the first real suvs. Step on the gas pedal, and a big grin is sure to appear on your face, as well as every oil mogul in the state. Gives you a sense of being king of the road and offroad.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005