1994 Dodge Ramcharger Limited 5.9 Magnum from Mexico


A Premium SUV


The Lights Switch Stopped Working.

General Comments:

This is a Great SUV!!! I love it.

I still don't know how many Limited Ram chargers are still being driven, I remember when I went with my dealer, I was going to buy the royal edition, but my dealer told me that this edition was being discontinued because of the costs of production, so, the sport and the limited edition were my choices. I ordered it with 4 speed automatic transmission (overdrive), leather seats, rear defrost, front and rear air conditioner (a big freezer in summer!!!), power windows, power mirrors, power locks, key less entry system, and a lot of more things, BUT with an AM/FM radio cassette player because in 1994 the CD players were still malfunctioning because of the heat and the street conditions (believe me, here in Mexico city, the streets are a headache!!)

I use this SUV only for long traveling (it has about 5,000 kilometers on city, no more!), very dependable when going 4 or 5 people (even 6) very comfortably, with no space-problems.

This is, the best SUV I have ever owned, and I am planning to buy another one in the near future!!!

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

14th Oct 2004, 09:59

Ram Chargers were available in Mexico for a few more years after '93. Mint 2X4 ones are still available used there. 4x4's are somewhat more rare. - Awesome Trucks! I'll never sell my mint '90.

26th Mar 2005, 14:37

The final Ram Chargers were assembled in Mexico, that may have something to do a 1994 model year.