4th Sep 2009, 11:22

The transfer case is behind the transmission, right. It doesn't seem to be a line. It is definitely tranny fluid. It is pouring out when it leaks, but only after I actually shift the gears. I think it is a seal, the torque, or the pump. Any ideas? It pours just like syrup on your waffles.

4th Sep 2009, 15:31

Yeah, the transfer case is behind the transmission. If it's pouring out between the engine and transmission, it's probably the front transmission seal.

11th Sep 2009, 17:48

I've got an '84 D250 Royal SE! I absolutely luv this old truck. It was a California truck originally, and from its current condition (extremely & incredibly rust free) it must have spent most of it's life there.

It's equipped with a 'Lean Burn' 318, 2bbl carb, and though it smokes a little on start-up - it actually runs fairly good. Got the TF727 a/t trans and Dana 60 full floater rear. A/C's been retrofitted to 134a and blows cold! Yeah! I've spent a small sum repairing & replacing a few things: new brakes front & rear (this includes; hoses, pads, calipers, hardware, shoes wheel cylinders, front & rear wheel seals, repacked front & rear wheel bearings (yes Dana full floater rear axles have wheel bearings just like a front axle), rear diff svc & had front rotors turned. Also rebuilt about 75% of front end including; replaced upper & lower ball joints, up & low control arm & strut rod poly bushings. TTFN, will chime in with more later.

18th Feb 2010, 12:50

We just bought a 1985 4wd at auction. Having trouble engaging the 4WD. Any suggestions?

15th Mar 2010, 13:21

If you're having trouble engaging the 4WD, keep in mind that the lever on those vehicles never was all that easy to operate to begin with. You have to grab that thing and slam it home with some decisive force. At least, it's not as easy as just lifting the little lever on a Jeep Wrangler, or moving a regular stick shift. You'll have to give it a good jerk to move it from 2WD down into 4WD-High, and like as not you'll hear a clunk as you move the shifter. If you're too gentle, you'll only make it half way, which will disengage the transfer case altogether, and you'll hear a grinding noise and have no gears forward or reverse. You have to be just as aggressive pushing the shifter over toward the right and then slamming it back all the way to get 4WD-Low. You have to be the master of that shift lever.

If you're certain that the lever is actually going where it's supposed to, and still not engaging the front wheels, then it could be that you have a hole in a vacuum line that operates the automatic locking hubs, or that the linkage is all bent up. If it's more serious than that, you might have a problem with the transfer case.

4th Dec 2011, 23:09

Are you counting the price of gas in when you say about 8 cents per mile, or just repair costs?

19th Jun 2012, 12:02

My statement is more of a question than a comment...

Where do you find parts for the 1985 Dodge Ramcharger Royal SE? It's a 318 engine, 5.2L V8. I am trying to find the breather air hose that goes from the air filter housing, to the air hose that leads to the outside of the vehicle... The hose is located on the driver's side of the vehicle...

If you have an answer, you may email me at sonnycowan@yahoo.com


I know this is not the response you require, but I have searched for the past 6 months with no success.

23rd Jun 2012, 07:56

Here's a few places you can check for ram charger parts and advice:





The junkyard/pick-n-pull is another great way to go.

I've had an 86 Royal SE 360ci 5.9 Ramcharger for a few years. These sites have most of what you need. Ramchargercentral.com is a great place to look for harder to find parts, and to get tips on Mopar repairs. I've done a lot of work on my truck, and honestly most of the parts I've needed could be found easily at Napa or O'Reilly's. I also bought a 2nd Ramcharger that I've been slowly stripping for parts. If you have the space to park a parts truck, I highly recommend it.