23rd Apr 2003, 18:42

I HAVE a 94 es shadow 4 door. I am looking to drop a 5 speed manual and a spirit turbo iii turbo in it, if you know where I can acquire these or any other mods that would help me out please e mail me at doit1994@yahoo.com. thank u.

14th Sep 2003, 15:49

Sorry folks: This story is pure lies.

The 3.3 engine cannot handle a turbo very well, first of all. The stock bottom end is all cast garbage, no forged steel... just the cheap weak stuff.

And 2nd of all, he wrote "manual" for the 3.3. Manual transmission for the 3.3??? WHAT ONE?!?!? This doesn't exist. There are websites that talk about this engine and there is no manual trans that bolts up, nor are there any kits to make that work.

Sorry, but this storyteller is a liar.

: (

I like dodges, I have the 3.3 engine in my minivan with the horrible computer-controlled transmission. I would love a manual trans, but I know there is none that bolt up.

Sorry all, but this dude is a liar.

19th Aug 2004, 01:54

Hey I would just like to know how I can make my cat run faster and what things I need for it to make it run faster.

12th Jan 2005, 15:35

Hey everyone, I agree with a previous addition (knowing a great deal of these engines myself having owned two). The 3.3 does not allow a bolt on 5-speed. Unless he is rich, nobody would even joke about fabricating one. The 3.3's didn't even push more than a few more ponies than the 3.0. Not to mention the 3.0 spins up faster in the crank and was better designed and revolutionized. Mine has custom fabricated heads with a 5 angle valve job, valve head grinds, new valve seats, inlet and exhaust ports gasket matched, head milled to the max, and a custom grind performance cam from crower. If you call them, they'll probably discourage you and say it can't be done. That's what they did to me. I had my machinist call and he sent a spare set of 3.0 camshafts to be ran on the Cam Dr. to get the stock specs and then they place a very durable (copper???) rod in its retainer and tell the computer what duration, lift, etc. to grind the cams. They did it, and wow what an improvement. My next mods are LSD (Phantom Grip) and a Centerforce Stage 2 clutch. So far my UD pulley, NKG-V plugs, 2.5" exhaust, 52mm TB, 1" Plenum Spacers, Cold air intake (under Bat Box), and timing advanced to 17 degrees has pumped my power up a lot. Seriously, this car is unbelievable. My next mods are solid front mount, Clutch, and plenum port as well as upgrade to 58mm from the 3.8. Any questions or comments please write to drakir18@yahoo.com titled "3.0 Comments"

24th Apr 2007, 09:44

I have a 93 Dodge Shadow ES and it has a 3.0 liter engine. I was wondering if I could put a turbo in it. Please tell me what I would have to do. Email me at pot_mcsmokey2009@yahoo.com

Thank You.