1992 Dodge Spirit from North America


A dependable economy car most of the time


Three months after I bought the car the transmission went out.

The head gasket went out at 78000 miles.

The fuel pump was replaced at 85000 miles.

The ignition switch was replaced.

The blower motor was replaced.

The oxygen sensor and the map sensor have been replaced.

The Front Struts and Mounts were recently replaced.

General Comments:

Up until recently the car has been a great dependable economy car in-spite of the transmission problem the first few months.

Recently the car's fuel economy has dramatically dropped from 27 MPG average to 20 MPG average. Two different mechanics can't find anything wrong with it.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2006

8th May 2006, 12:56

Have someone check your EGR valve. If the valve is stuck open you'll have a massive vacuum leak right into the intake which will cause that kind of mileage reduction.

1992 Dodge Spirit Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 from North America


I'd buy another... and modify it


Typical things such as brakes, alternator, battery, belts.

Distance sensor blew and made my speedometer jump around like crazy and caused the transmission to be erratic. Disconnected sensor and drove without a speedometer for a year (used tach to measure speed).

A604 (4-speed, computer controlled) transmission is really a piece of junk. Previous owner replaced it around 150,000 km.

I broke the transmission around 220,000 km. Guess I shouldn't have raced that Camaro... It was actually a typical break-point on these transmissions that anyone who races with an A604 will eventually find out. Repair cost was $800 CDN.

Main belt kept slipping off around 250,000 km. Had to replace tensioner - which you have to be a contortionist to do yourself if you don't have the proper socket set attachments.

ECU became badly corroded over time and needed replacing at 350,000 km. I gave the car to someone who needed it who promptly parted it out after a stupid mechanic told her it wasn't worth fixing... that really ticked me off.

General Comments:

As far as I'm concerned the Mitsubishi 3.0L V6 was bullet proof and would have gone another 350,000 km.

The A604 probably would be a decent transmission if it was babied - synthetic fluid, easy acceleration at all times, regular maintenance, proper ECU upgrades and training, etc.

Dodge should have offered this vehicle with the V6 and the manual transmission from the Daytona. Many people have sites on the internet describing how they performed this swap themselves. I had planned on doing it, but my wife suggested it was time for a newer vehicle.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2005

12th Sep 2005, 18:54

I was playing with the idea of dropping in a Stealth twin-turbo. The engine blocks are identical, but I recently heard they are mounted completely differently and it would be a lot of work to modify the Spirit to accept the Stealth engine.

Perhaps that's why the Spirit R/T wasn't powered by a Stealth TT... even though it should have been.

1992 Dodge Spirit Base 2.5L TBI from North America


Great project car, Very Recommended


Head Gasket


Heater Core


Under Body rust on Rockers




General Comments:

Very easy car to fix and maintain.

Cheap reliable parts.

I like the gas mileage.

Very good comfortable interior.

Decent acceleration.

Excellent Handling.

I do recommend a Dodge Spirit to an individual. Mine however was in a previous accident with its pervious owners and hey didnt maintain the car, the many repairs. Very cheap and easy to fix, I know how to work on these cars. But would not let my fathers mechanic touch it again. Putting a new engine in summer '05, And putting her on the road again... no more winter.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2005

22nd Feb 2006, 18:34

Update: she is getting her engine in a bit later than expected (Feb 2006). Ready for some new bucket seats out of my buddies 1992 Dodge Shadow ES, and she will have a center console soon too. Now has some Acclaim tail lenses for a cleaner rear look, and I'm looking for new headlamps and parking lamps by end of spring 2006. -Erik.