24th Jan 2006, 11:10

"Ni huya sebe" is something like "whoa"...

In America, there is such a thing as patriotic education. Patriotism in the States is cultivated from childhood. Not so in Russia (at least today).

There is only one way to shake the Russian car industry - produce foreign cars in Russian factories. Zhiguli started that way...

24th Jan 2006, 16:03

I want to read about the Russian's experience with his Dodge Spirit! I find it interesting to see how this American car holds up under harsher driving conditions. I really don't give a --- about your pet theories regarding free market stimuli. To the Russian, I really apologize for these people who are trying to make out like you don't even know the conditions in your own country.

1st Feb 2006, 06:20

Instead of telling the American guy to "shut the h*** up", the Russian guy needs to wake up.

Americans would be disgusted if one of their own labelled their Nation`s cars as being a "POS" - even if there was some reason to do so. America is a proud nation. We do not demean and ridicule ourselves - that`s why we`re strong. Think about it.

22nd Feb 2006, 18:52

Okay, I wrote the comment of January 24th, 16:03, and as it happens, I am also an American who was genuinely enjoying reading about the Russian's experience with his Dodge Spirit. Unfortunately, a couple of boors felt compelled to hijack the commentary and use it for a platform to start an inappropriate (not to mention stupid, boring, pointless, and unimaginative) debate on nationalism and free market economy. Equally unfortunately, this understandably provoked the Russian to hit back at what are assumed to be Americans (and yeah, they probably are, at least of the ilk that know what's best for everybody else, which is common in both the Liberal and Conservative side). While I would dearly love to add some commentary on Afghanistan and Iraq, and America's role in the world, this really isn't the place for that, now is it? Now please, let's hear some more about the Dodge Spirit on the rough roads of Russia!

2nd Mar 2006, 08:38

Actually, for a year nothing really interesting has happened to the car. It's running fine, the body is in good shape, not long ago I had to replace a headlight (you just can't see anything in the dark with the old ones).

Oh yeah, and recently, considering that our government decided to forbid the use of American cars here (because of red rear turn signals), I had to re-wire the tail-lamps and put a yellow bulb in there...


That's me and my car on the photo, behind me - a cop-car Lada-2110. Taken at Sadovoe Koltso, Moscow.


That's what the turn signals look like now.

16th May 2006, 22:14

OK, as for Americans labeling their own cars and pieces of crap and wanting imports - that happens all the time. Check out the posts for Japanese cars and have a taste of the "Import vs. Domestic" battle that is raging. If you like the car, and it serves the purpose you need it to, then who cares? I think it's nice to see someone from another country who enjoys American cars, since most of the foreign reviews I've seen hate American cars.

17th May 2006, 09:43

Actually, most of the foreign reviews that I've seen of American cars are a lot more favorable than of Americans reviewing the same model, for example the Ford Focus. Foreigners also seem to give favorable reviews to older American cars.

19th Mar 2007, 17:27

Frankly, I think ANY CAR whose company is not based in the U.S. should not be allowed to sell vehicles here. Putting thousands of Americans out of work and highjacking our economy is NOT doing any of us any favors. It's a shame so many Americans despise EVERYTHING about our own country. I'd never dream of buying a car made by any company not based in the U.S.

20th Mar 2007, 15:36

I agree. I don't understand how someone could call themselves an American and buy a Japanese car. These people fawn over cars like the Tercel, Corolla, and Camry --- what boring, stripped-down, appliance-like crap boxes!

The worst is when guys in the country buy a Titan, Ridgeline, Tundra or Tacoma. I suppose I could understand how some yuppie might buy a utilitarian Toyota just for a commuter, but for somebody in the country to buy a Japanese truck, that is total betrayal!

21st Mar 2007, 14:52

Those trucks are made by AMERICANS who would otherwise be UNEMPLOYED.

If you want to talk about betrayal, let's start talking about the Ford Fusion, Crown Victoria, PT Cruiser, Buick LaCrosse and all the other "American" cars that take JOBS away from REAL AMERICANS.