1992 Dodge Stealth R/T 24v 3.0L DOHC V6 from North America


An Awesome Second Car!


Right after I bought the car the clutch burnt out completely, so I got that replace. Also rebuilt the transmission at the same time. $1950.

Needed new windshield wipers. $35.

New brake pads. $200.

New brake lines. Had to travel 3 hours with absolutely no brakes to get back home before I could repair them. $30 + hours labor, and potentially dangerous situation.

The electronic suspension was stuck in sports mode, and the suspension itself was rusting. $600.

Had to replace the radio. $200 for a cheap CD player.

Left headlight was pointing too low to be more than 50% useful... never fixed.

These are just some of the issues that come to mind... this car was riddled with problems.

General Comments:

When you first start looking for a Stealth R/T you'll probably be thinking to yourself that for the price, it is a steal. I bought mine in almost brand new looking condition for only $3600. This is one of those pay now, or pay later kind of cars. As you can see from my repair list, there is a lot to break, I don't even remember most of the stuff, since it was about a year ago that I had it.

I'll tell you what I do remember though... the thrill of driving it! And the thrill of hitting 150MPH. Somebody asked me once right after I got it, "Can it really go 160?" Which is the posted speed on the speedometer. I didn't know at the time, but now I know it can for a fact... and this is a 14 year old car! It is an utterly enjoyable driving experience. I read a lot of the old reviews done on the car when it was new... many compared it to the Ferrari 355... and though I've never driven a 355, I believe the Stealth, especially the TT version, would defiantly give it a run for it's money... and possibly beat it.

The cars stability is fantastic, when I hit 150, I maintained it for a couple miles, and through the meandering curves the car didn't even hint at losing control. The car is responsible, and one of the best handlers in rain I've ever driven. The tires were slightly cracked... I can't imagine how well it would have drove had I had a new set on there!

As for comfort and luxury, this car had it all. Leather seats, adjustable lumbar support, adjustable seat wings, climate control, the works. I never knew I was in a 14 year old car... and most other people didn't either! The wow factor of this car was fantastic. I loved driving downtown at night with the windows down, I heard ooh's and ahh's all around me. When I stopped into gas stations, I was regularly asked what kind of car it was, and if any local dealerships had them in stock.

So, to sum it all up, this car is very expensive to upkeep, but well worth it if you can afford it! The Stealth would make an excellent second car. Sadly, I couldn't afford more than one car at the time, so I had to let it go for something more reliable. I definitely see a Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo in my future though.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2006

4th Jul 2006, 14:25

I just wanted to add an amendment to this. First off, my car was a '92... I dunno how it got put here. Number two, my R/T version was fully loaded. If you got an ES version, with less gadgets, then I believe it would probably be a much more reliable car. The engine in my car was rock solid.

26th Sep 2006, 08:43

When buying this car you should learn to fix things yourself. You probably would have spent 1/2 of what you paid in repairs.

I did all the work on my Twin turbo and it saved me a killing.

But yes definitely a good second car, as a daily driver it could get quite expensive.

BTW your car doesn't exactly have low km's so those problems could happen on any older sports car that's almost 15years old.

1992 Dodge Stealth ES 3.0 Gasoline from North America


FAST and good for a first car


Coil went bad at 145,700 and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

This car is very smooth, replaced the struts for a better ride. It has nice styling and is very sleek. A mechanical twin to the Mitsubishi 3000GT. Parts are hard to find-as it is not in production anymore. The back seats are small, and the wing on the back results in a blind spot.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006