1992 Dodge Stealth R/T 3.0 DOHC 24v from North America


Couldn't imagine a better sports car for this price


Anti-locking brake module not functioning, thus the car sometimes keeps the ABS motor running when the engine is turned off. Need to disconnect battery and reconnect to reset computer to fix.

General Comments:

This is a great car, you cannot beat the styling, reliability, and power for this price range. Fairly good turning ratio, but kind of low to the ground (gotta watch out on steep ramps, and large speed bumps). Climate control is great, leather seats are beautiful, and the steering wheel is tight and responsive.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2003

25th Apr 2005, 15:06

Remember the Turbo version requires cooling down for 60 seconds prior to turning the engine off. Unless you're not exceeding 50 mph or higher or punching it. Another good tip is, prior to winter, I preferably like to undercoat the bottom of my car with heat resistant paint. This must be done annually considering the paint chips from stones etc..

1992 Dodge Stealth ES 3.0L DOHC from North America


Great style and good substance


Front tie rods needed replacement at 180,000. Total cost was about $150.

New clutch at 183,000. Not a breakdown, just wore out and needed replacement. $550.

General Comments:

When I began looking for a new car, I took an immediate interest in the Dodge Stealths for sale in my area, having always thought them a superbly stylish car. The one I found was very high-mileage, but because of that it was very cheap. I figured I would have to do a ton of repairs to it, because I had read some very negative things about the reliability of the Stealth. Thankfully, this one never read those comments, it has worked wonderfully since the day I purchased it. The previous owner was a Stealth nut and took good care of it. He told me beforehand that the clutch was wearing and would need to be replaced soon, as well as the tie rods. Previous owners care is very important when buying a used car, and I was fortunate enough to get my car from a good owner.

A word on performance: this car isn't the fastest thing off the ling, make no mistake. My ES model has beaten some Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs that wanted a little run. However, the newer Camaros and Firebird Formulas will beat it, and don't even think of going toe-to-toe with a Vette or something stupid. For those not interesting in blazing stoplight-to-stoplight performance though, it's a treat. It will readily accelerate in any gear, and has passing power even at 100mph. The handling is exceptionally responsive, and it sticks to the road extremely well. And on top of that, the Stealth looks great while doing it.

Fuel efficiency is not too bad. I am getting much better mileage than the car is rated for, about 24 mpg city and 28 highway. It's a bit down from the 35-40 of my previously-owned CRX, but that's to be expected.

The Stealth is comfortable for driver and passenger, but don't expect to fit two people, or even one large person, in the back seats. They're for looks mostly, and occasionally some luggage. Also, there is enough head room for even tall people. I'm 6'1" and have no problem getting in and out of the car.

I would recommend looking into a Stealth for anyone who's thinking about getting a similar era Camaro or the like. It's a more unique car with great looks and decent performance. If you can get a well-maintained one, it's great drive, and in my opinion a great buy.

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Review Date: 25th August, 2003

3rd May 2005, 21:50

I am considering buying a '92 ES with 75000 miles or a '93 Base with 100,000 miles. What do you recommend. I don't drive very fast or hard. Just looking for something that isn't too common.