1994 Dodge Stealth R/T TT 3.0 turbo from North America


Greatest car ever made


Winter 2001 - The water pump failed.

Spring 2002 - A spring in the clutch system snapped. I had the clutch replaced during the service. Simultaneously I had the transfer case recall service completed.

Summer 2002 - Texas heat and sun spelled the end of the seat leather. The seat panels under the butt began to tear at the seams. The shoulder of the seat also wore out as it was right next to the window.

General Comments:

This car, despite all of her power and weight, was incredibly reliable! The only times the car had to be brought down for being hard broke, were for normal parts that would wear out, regardless of make or manufacturer.

I performed all regular service and maintenance to the car. My only complaint of the car, was while working on it, you had to appreciate that the engine was designed first, and the engine wore the rest of the car to stay dry. Nothing was simple or quick to perform other than fluid changes.

The car is incredibly sure footed, and will carry plenty of speed into corners. I found out twice that when she is finally out of grip, there is a lot of momentum behind her. The all wheel drive led to under-steer, but with planning any curve could be negotiated quickly.

I used summer tires all year long, and enjoyed the car wet, dry, or in the snow.

A buyer must be educated on how to perform maintenance and understand what these cars do. Visit any 3000GT/Stealth enthusiast site to do so.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2008

1994 Dodge Stealth Coupe from North America


The greatest car ever built. Ever


The car was ridden hard before I purchased it, so I got it for a decent price and fixed the following:

Rear main seal for the oil pan.

Transmission had a bad synchronizer.

New starter.

Radio didn't work (fried FM modulator during reinstallation, so not fault of the car or manufacturer; previous owner damage)

Power steering pump and pulleys ($700)

New clutch at 155,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car was the love of my life which is why I fixed so many things on it. The car is an amazing ride and always made me feel good. I recently was rear-ended which totaled out the car and I don't have the money or the stomach to have it fixed. Had I not been in an accident I would have driven this car until the wheels fell off. It was worth all the work and all the repairs and I'd give all my other possessions in their entirety to have this car back and in pristine condition again.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2007

1994 Dodge Stealth 3.0 from North America


Great sports car for the price and reliability!


My original rotors were replaced at 65,000 miles and ever since then I have had to replace them at least twice a year.

Glove box latch has been replaced twice because they keep breaking.

As of now, the car has a problem with stalling out when the gas pedal is pressed. However, if I baby the gas it seems to be okay. I have had my mechanic and two different dealers look at it for 6 months and no one can seen to find out the problem. We have replaced the fuel filter and pump (now it runs rich), sensors and even the ECU computer. If anyone has ANY suggestions, I'm open for ideas. I miss my car SO much!

General Comments:

This has been the most reliable car I have ever owned (up until about 6 months ago or at 139,000 miles).

However, this is the most expensive car I have had to buy parts for.

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Review Date: 15th December, 2005

13th Feb 2006, 20:01

Hey I don't know if this will help or not, but maybe you could check the e.g.r.valve, or maybe the fuel injectors are dirty. hope I helped.

5th Jun 2008, 17:32

I had problems with my car stalling unless the gas pedal was pressed also... I replaced the ISC controller and problem was solved.. it's called the idle servo controller I think... picked up a used one on ebay. I have a 1993 ES Stealth.

18th Nov 2021, 23:14

You need to check your MAF... just take it out and clean it first with spray cleaner. Your symptoms are typical of a dirty or bad one and they are not expensive to replace.